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6 Best Supplements for Weight Loss

Eli Kerr
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Eli Kerr
Eli Kerr
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Weight loss is not an easy thing to achieve. We get that. Plus, most people are just coming out of the holiday health slump – which is not a great time to be a waistline. While getting back to the gym and cleaning up your diet are still the absolute best ways to get back to your goal weight, there are a few supplements that can help. Here are 6 of the best supplements for weight loss.

Natural Protein Powder – Right at the top of the list, we find natural protein powder – which may be a little surprising to some. Indeed, protein powders of all forms are almost inseparably linked with “bulking up” in the minds of many. The truth, however, is that a high protein diet has been shown to aid in weight loss by both decreasing food cravings and increasing caloric expenditure. Protein is also needed to build muscle which, in turn, will speed up your metabolism. To ensure that you get only the best, Gnarly uses only grass-fed whey protein and top-quality vegan protein powder in our supplements.
Green Tea Catechins – Touted for centuries as a sort of cure-all, green tea does actually seem to be pretty amazing stuff. When it comes to weight loss specifically, however, the research is particularly solid. Green tea is rich in a class of antioxidants known as catechins that have demonstrated a remarkable ability to increase the rate at which fat is removed from your body.
Caffeine – An incredibly common stimulant, caffeine does also have the ability to increase the amount of fat that your body burns for fuel. As an added bonus, caffeine is also an appetite suppressant. It’s very important to note, however, that it’s possible to develop a tolerance to caffeine which will decrease it’s effectiveness as a fat burner. If you habitually drink coffee or tea, then, maintaining a low regular dose will allow you to be more sensitive to supplementation. While the exact numbers vary from person to person, most can handle a small 6oz cup of coffee each day before they become tolerant – or dependent.
L-Carnitine – A key player in the conversation of stored fat to useable energy, the amino acid carnitine has a huge variety of benefits. But, we’re primarily interested in what it can do for weight loss. As mentioned, carnitine works to stimulate the use of fat for fuel, but it also helps to increase power output and muscular endurance during workouts. More effective workouts, then, translate to greater benefits when it comes to body composition and weight loss.
African Mango – Not related in the least to the common mango, the African mango (irvingia gabonensis) is traditionally used as a thickener for soups and sauces. In a more clinical application, however, it appears as though the seed extract could be useful for increasing fat metabolism and decreasing body weight.
Pre-biotics – By contributing to a healthy gut microbiome, certain substances can have an impressive – if unexpected – impact on your weight. As it turns out, those billions of microorganisms that inhabit our digestive tract greatly influence the way our bodies work and when they’re not healthy, neither are we. Granted, research into this aspect of our health is still in its infancy but we do know that the bugs like a specific fiber called oligosaccharide and research has found that supplementation with this substance increases weight loss and even decreases food cravings.
In our ongoing effort to give you the best supplements possible, Gnarly has combined these highly effective ingredients into one weight loss powerhouse called Gnarly Slim. Packed into that awesome little tub, you’ll find grass-fed whey, green tea catechins, just the right amount of caffeine, carnitine, African mango and all the health food your microorganisms could ever want.