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Nik Berry

Hobby: Baking pies, snowboarding, running
Hometown: SLC, UT
Sport: Climbing
Homebase: Where my van is
Causes I care about:
Gym to crag education, Save Our Canyons, ASCA

Do you collect anything?

Luckily, living in a van doesn’t give me the liberty to keep anything that’s not a necessity.

What is your most unusual talent?

Baking pies!

What is the scariest thing you have ever done?

Stay in the Bay Area for an extended amount of time.

Why do you like working with Gnarly?

Gnarly products help me do the work I need to do and recover from that work to reach my goals and have incredible experiences in beautiful places!

Outside of your respective sport, what are you most proud of?

Climbing is very self-fulfilling, so I am very proud to be able to help others through nursing.

If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Complex salad with a good portion of protein.

Who is your hero? Why?

Tommy Caldwell! His work ethic, determination and vision have always inspired me.

Any advice for aspiring athletes?

Find something that inspires you and let that become your motivator.

I recommend…

My two favorite Gnarly products are BCAAs and Whey Protein. I use BCAAs while training and at the crag to prevent muscle breakdown so I can go hard the following day as well. Right after climbing is finished for the day I use Gnarly Whey to recover as quickly as possible.

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