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The search for perfect balance has been a leading light in my career and passion, which are luckily for me one and the same. Since I can remember I’ve been balancing on my bicycle, attempting to track stand and wheelie for as long as I could and it only progressed from there. Running and cycling then turned into triathlons which turned into competing for over a decade in everything from the Ironman race series to the cycling Race Across America. When I discovered highlining, my friends couldn’t help from giving me a hard time because I was going from running fast to walking slowly! Fast forward about 4-1/2 years and I’ve walked hundreds of highlines all over the world. My personal record is walking a 704ft highline with no falls which groups me with only 8 others in the world to cross a line of that length. Passion to me is being true to myself, working hard for what I want, living happily and intentionally and inspiring others to do the same. On the horizon for me? I have my eyes on breaking a world record, heading down under and another round of ninja shenanigans!




Folsom, CA

Top career highlights:

-704′ highline send in Placerville, CA (1 of 8 people in the world) 2015 -American Ninja Warrior contestant/Las Vegas Nationals finalist 2015 -Ironman finisher -Race Across America finisher

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

China.. something about it has been calling me for some time now

What’s your favorite party trick?

hmm..standing backflip? Or the fact that I think I’m hilarious.

Whats your favorite song to sing in the car?

Anything Incubus, preferably from the Morning View album

What’s your life long dream?

To build the coolest treehouse that ever was and make it my home!


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