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Tayler is from Ashville, N.C., and she studied Political Science at the University of North Carolina – Ashville, earning her B.A. in 2010. Her athletic background consists of over 15 years playing soccer. She was introduced to Olympic Weightlifting through CrossFit, which led her to take an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar taught by our very own Glenn Pendlay and Tom Sroka. Tayler has qualified for Nationals and the American Open for the past 2 years but has not participated due to a demanding work schedule. For the past year Tayler has been training with Tom, and she is very excited to be a part of Team MDUSA. After moving to train at MuscleDriver full time, Tayler was able to finally compete at her first national level meet at the 2014 USAW National Championships, where she placed 6th overall.  Her focuses now are a 200+ kg total and to medal at a national level competition. Tayler’s Accolades include: USAW National Championships 2014 – 75kg – 6th Place Overall 2014 USAW National Championships – Women’s Team 1st Place



Asheville, NC

Top career highlights:

2014 USAW Nationals – 6th place (75 kg class)

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Scottland Highlands – Want to see the beauty and where my ancestors are from.

What’s your favorite party trick?

Getting to know everyone in the room.

Whats your favorite song to sing in the car?

Any Ellie Goulding song or any rock from the 70s

What’s your life long dream?

Be on a pan american or world team.


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