Paleo Hot Chocolate

Here’s a quick and easy recipe for a great cup of hot chocolate that is both low-fat and naturally sweetened.  Enjoy!

Cortisol Destruction: What You Should Know About This Hormone

As you go about your training, whether your goal is to improve performance, decrease total body fat, or improve your rate of muscle building, one thing that you need to be aware of is cortisol. Cortisol is the hormone that could potentially destroy all the results you have in store.

Chocolate Almond Coconut Bars

Here’s a simply and easy, but delicious recipe for homemade energy bars made with only a few natural and nutritious ingredients including dates, almonds, coconut and chocolate.  Yummy!

"The Average Climber" reviews Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition sponsored climber Chris Simmons recently launched his Youtube channel where we’re certain he’ll be posting a lot of authoritative as hell climbing tips as well as product reviews. First up, a review of the complete Gnarly Stack: Gnarly Pump, Gnarly Boost and Gnarly Whey. Thanks Chris!

Rise of the Fitness Cults

Grass Roots fitness movements have begun springing up around the country. Memberships are free and anyone can join, but you’ll need a high level of commitment to endure some pretty grueling workouts in all kinds of weather. Group members enjoy the camaraderie and support of like-minded fitness fanatics.

Truffle Balls with Gnarly Vicious Vanilla

Here’s a great recipe for homemade chocolate truffles made with Gnarly Whey that’ll more than satisfy your chocolate cravings without blowing up your training program.

Which Builds More Muscle, Saturated or Polyunsaturated Fats?

We all know that polyunsaturated fats are better for us than saturated fats. But beyond the obvious cardiovascular health benefits of polyunsaturated fats, is one type better for building muscle, or does one type tend to make us put on more fat?