BCAAs vs. Glutamine: Which is Better for Muscle Gain?

We’ve come a long way in our technical understanding of nutrition. While protein has been popular since we learned to throw a hunk of meat over a fire, in the last few decades we’ve also learned a lot about how the individual amino acids that constitute protein affect our body. Now, if it fits our […]

How much protein should you eat per day?

How much protein should you eat per day? Chances are you’re imagining something like “1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram” or “1 gram per pound” right now. These are the classic figures used by sports nutritionists the world round, and it’s the way most athletes have been trained to think about protein. There’s a problem […]

Does Protein Make You Bulky?

Protein has a reputation in the fitness world. When a person begins training, the first dietary change they make is to increase protein. When the diet logs of the bulkiest men in the world are published, it’s not uncommon to see protein intakes of 400 or more grams per day. Our muscles are literally made […]

Creatine 101: What Is It and Why Anyone Exercising Should Use It

Creatine: Nothing Controversial Here The first time I heard about creatine was in college. It was my junior year and I had recently started lifting weights with a friend of mine. We had an idea about what was “good” (or at least worthwhile) general nutrition-wise, but supplements were—if not completely off our radar—subjugated to the […]

Is your body fat holding you back from performance?

In the course of most athlete’s training, there comes a time when progress stalls. Aside from the normal change-up in routine, many also begin to consider whether their body composition is holding them back. It’s natural: there’s a clear visual correlation between overall skill and body fat percentage, with the stronger athletes typically being quite […]

How Reliable Is Thirst for Staying Hydrated?

Thirst is a basic instinct, so understanding it and hydration should be pretty simple, right? Fluids hydrate you, and when you lose too many fluids, your body tells you it’s thirsty to encourage you to take in more. And for years, this was the illustrative concept for hydration during sports: thirst only kicks in when […]

Can You Gain Muscle Without Gaining Weight?

There’s no doubt that increasing muscle increases absolute strength—but as important as absolute strength is in many sports, relative strength is often more important. While I would argue (and have) that gaining muscle (and therefore weight) is still a better way to increase your relative strength than losing fat, it can be a difficult pill […]

Losing Weight Isn’t Going to Improve Your Strength-to-Weight Ratio

If you’re an athlete whose performance depends on body weight, then you probably believe that your body weight—and particularly your fat—is a significant factor in your performance. After all, you have to carry all that weight, and no matter how strong you are that weight will still influence your strength-to-weight ratio, right? Well, yes and […]

Why Sports Nutrition Is For Everyone, Not Just Pros

If you’re an athletic person, you’re probably at least vaguely aware of “sports nutrition”—a discrete branch of nutritional science that focuses on increasing performance. You might also be aware that pro athletes often hire sports nutritionists to help them get the most out of their diets, and that major league teams usually have a sports […]