Recovery Blog

Multi-day races are becoming more and more popular. Maybe you have your eye on the Squamish 50; a two-day ultramarathon race where you tackle 50 miles of mountain trails on Saturday and follow it up with a 50K on Sunday. Mountain bike stage races are becoming popular; BreckEpic features six days of mountain bike racing […]

Meditate To Go Fast

One of my favorite local trails finally emerged from the snow, and this morning I gave it a pedal.  I was going fast – really fast.  And I felt perfect flow with the terrain, not like I was risking life and limb.  I figured, ‘I’ve just forgotten what it feels like to rip a favorite […]

How to Avoid Overtraining

Overtraining.  This is a dirty word in my circles.  My cyclist peers will never own up to it and speak in hushed or mocking voices when they talk about someone else who has it; mere mortals or those too stupid to “listen to their bodies” are the ones who get overtrained, not them.  My clinical […]

Meet Training Weight

Today was my first road ride of 2016.  A week of warmer than usual temperatures in Central Oregon melted the ice off the roads and the sun beckoned me to lube the chair and re-inflate the tires on Training Weight so he was road ready.  Training Weight; yup, that’s the name of my road bike […]

Muscle Cramping: An Athlete’s Nemesis

Muscle cramping is my nemesis. Simultaneous hamstring cramping once made be abandon the trail and roll in the shrubbery trying to figure out if straitening or bending my legs would be better as the second place girl sped past me to the finish. A calf cramp once left me one-leg pedaling the last three miles […]

Ice Baths Demystified

Why do elite athletes ice bathe? Is it just another way to make them tough or an out-dated technique backed by no scientific evidence?  Or does it impart some magical performance abilities on those brave enough to jump in? When you are training, soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) are challenged to work harder, longer, […]

Run Faster and Jump Higher with these Proven Foot Stretches

Do you want a longer stride? A higher jump? A faster leg turnover? Less leg fatigue?  Spending five minutes, twice a week, to improve the arches of your feet may be all it takes.  Arches are the natural suspension system for your legs. You have three arches on each foot: one running from heel to […]