Longevity in Sport: Projecting

The advice presented here is geared toward the more rare, large projects which demand a significant investment of time and sacrifice. These words can be applied for a project of any type, and in many sports.

Filling the Void with Jasna Hodzic

The boulder problem was exquisite. Four holds sat arranged in a diamond — a sloper above me, an undercling to my left, a gaston to my right, and a foot below. They beckoned at me, challenging me to find a way through. Intrigued, I hung on the end of the rope and considered the route. […]

Dietary Crossroads – A Personal Story of Transitioning Away From Veganism

Editors Note: At Gnarly we don’t advocate a particular diet and this article isn’t intended to be a statement ‘for’ or ‘against’ veganism. We are sharing this article as we believe it provides an interesting take on some of the many complicated variables that lead us to make decisions about our diet. It had just […]

An Energy Mismatch: my experience with RED-S (Female Athlete Triad) – Part II

The consequences of RED-S are severe. If left untreated or diagnosed too late, a patient is left susceptible to osteoporosis and potential cardiovascular issues related to poor hormonal health. I wasn’t only gambling with my athletic career, but with my long-term health.

Fortunately, since I was still young enough to put down bone, I could reverse the osteopenia.

An Energy Mismatch: my experience with RED-S (Female Athlete Triad)

“You need to gain fifteen pounds, ASAP.” Startled, having just set foot in a doctor’s office for a check-up required by work, my mind went to humor. “So, you mean like the weight of a house cat?,” I replied. “Gain some fat, get a cat” became an inside joke between my coworkers and me, a rallying cry preceding many large dinners as we worked in California’s High Sierra.