How to Stay Hydrated as an Active Mom

As a mom my life can be pretty hectic at times. I’m usually juggling lots of things, feeding my family, keeping the house from looking like we got robbed or a natural disaster hit (3 toddlers), refereeing play time, battling the laundry, potty times, diaper changes, soothing “owies”, story time, snuggles, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, […]

Change Your Goals, Change Your Life in 2016

  As we approach the new year it’s natural to have the itch to “get in shape” again. I love that this is something that happens during/after the holidays every year, but I dislike that by February everyone falls back into their old ways and decides it’s too hard to eat healthy or keep up with a workout […]

From Postpartum, Back to Athlete

Having a baby is SO many things. It is exciting and wonderful, miraculous and special, life-changing and empowering. It is also tiring, your hormones are going crazy, you aren’t getting any sleep, you have a baby that now needs you 24/7, and, if you’re like most women, your body is VERY different than before. Everyone […]