EcoJarz Review: Gnarly in a Jar?

Every once in a while we like to check out some of the brands that aren’t only good for our athletes, but also good for the earth. One of those products is EcoJarz. EcoJarz makes reusable lids and straws for mason jars. Their goal is to help cut down the amount of waste created from […]

Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Now Available!

As a company that is known for one of their flagship products, Gnarly Whey, what the heck were we thinking when we came out with Gnarly Vegan?  It’s simple. As a company we are hell bent on supporting the everyday athlete up to the professional athlete with the best products out there. We are not […]

Cooking With Friends: Healthy Meals Made Easy

You’ve done your research and you know very well that if you want to achieve optimal results, you must be following a good diet. But chicken breast after chicken breast and you start to grow tired. You might change things up and have turkey one week, but shortly thereafter, you’re tired of that as well.

Everyday Fit: Interval Training

You’re no stranger to the gym. You’ve been working out for years and have built up not only an excellent level of cardiovascular fitness, but also have a good muscle base behind you as well. All in all, you’re proud of what your body has become. That said, you’re always looking for more. What’s the […]

Myths and Advantages of Creatine

Looking to step up your workout routine and checking out the different supplements available? If so, you aren’t alone. As many people progress and gain that base level of fitness, they start to wonder what else they could accomplish.

Training Tips: Training Without Weights

Stuck at home and training without weights?  If you have heard about the benefits of strength training but don’t have the budget to invest in a gym membership or home gym equipment, the good news is that you’re in luck – you really don’t have to.

Using Protein For Weight Loss

If you’re on a mission to shed some of the excess pounds that have crept over time, getting your diet down pat is a good place to start. Far too many women put more emphasis on exercising than they do eating right, and end up disappointed with the results they see. The problem here is […]

Introduction to Tabata Training

You’ve been working hard in the gym. You know what to do and get it done – week after week. As a result, you’ve been seeing great results. You’re getting leaner, stronger and you’re starting to feel like you’ve found your groove.

Paleo Salt & Vinegar Cabbage Recipe

This recipe for Paleo Salt & Vinegar Cabbage is simple and delicious. It’s a great way to indulge your salt craving while keeping your diet clean.

Fast and Effective Tips for Staying Motivated

If you’ve recently hopped onto the fitness bandwagon and are working hard to reach new heights in your fitness level and shave off a few of the pounds that may have crept on in recent years, you need to make sure you’re staying motivated. Motivation is something that tends to come and go for all […]

How to Implement Pre-Fatigue Training

If you’ve been going about your workout but just can’t seem to get past that one sticking point on one of your lifts, there’s no question that you’re likely feeling very frustrated. It may feel like no matter what you try, you just can’t get more weight up on the bar, thus your progress is […]

Your Best Healthy Energy Boost for Busy Days

If you feel like your to-do list is longer than your child’s Christmas wish list, you’re going to need an energy boost to get things done. You try and eat right and you’re getting to the gym three or four times each week, but with your busy schedule, there are times when it feels like […]

Benefits of Coconut & How to Use it in Your Diet

Coconut is a popular food in the health community. Coconut is a saturated form of fat, but don’t that scare you off. It’s one of the healthiest forms of fats you could be eating, as you’ll soon learn.  And, given that it tastes great used in so many different dishes, you can easily incorporate it […]

Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes

If you’re an endurance athlete, you are going to have a much different set of demands for your physical performance than other strength based athletes would. While those athletes are focused on generating as much force as possible over a very short period of time, endurance athletes must be able to work for lengthy periods […]

Designing A Power Building Workout Program

Some athletes focus their workouts on building lean muscle mass. This is because they are concerned with the aesthetic appearance they present and as such, their workouts are spent trying to get larger.

Paleo Cherry Chia Smoothie

This Paleo Cherry Chia Smoothie recipe is so delicious the kids will love it.  You can dress it up by adding in a scoop of Gnarly Vicious Vanilla Whey.

Compression Stockings: Will they boost your performance?

One trend you might be starting to see more and more, especially among endurance training athletes. is the use of compression stockings. Whether they’re using medical grade compression stockings or just purchasing compression gear from sports manufacturer’s, the use of compression garments is starting to rise.

Paleo Mexi-Meatballs

Paleo Mexi-Meatballs are awesome plain, and even better dressed up with some fresh guacamole and cauliflower rice.

Best Post Workout Meal: How to Jump Start Your Recovery

Just finished an intense workout session in the gym? If so, you should be prepping a solid post workout meal.  The foods you choose to eat during this post-workout period are essentially the tools your body is going to utilize to rebuild the body back from its broken down state.