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Marina Inoue
Marina Inoue

Marina Inoue


Sport Climbing and Bouldering

Marina Inoue


New York City


Salt Lake City


Painting, design, reading, cinema

Causes I Care About

I care very deeply about shifting the structures of power that exist in our society. I work with a group called The Gear Fund Collective that redistributes new and used outdoor gear for free to individuals who have experienced oppression, harm, and exclusion (social and financial) due to their identities, with the hope that this helps people experience the joy that nature brings.


What is your most unusual talent? I can figure out how to do almost anything with a vague level of competence, but not expertise :) What is the scariest thing you've ever done? Used my voice very publicly on polarizing issues. Also, skipping the last three bolts worth of climbing on Cryptic Egyptian in Rifle. Why do you like working with Gnarly? Beyond the product being the very best I have found, Gnarly is a company that aligns with my own values. The team is comprised of wonderfully diverse people that I am honored to call friends and peers. There is a genuine movement on Gnarly’s part to integrate the deeper, interior aspects of their athletes into the company. I am really so grateful and psyched to be a part of this family. Do you collect anything? Books, interesting rocks, and fossils I find at the crag, funny thrift store t-shirts Outside of your respective sport, what are you most proud of? I am proud of my 14 year long career as a tattooer, and I am proud of the work that the Gear Fund Collective is doing. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be? Ice cream, for sure. Who is your hero? Why? I have too many to list- all of the Black, Indigenous and femmes of color who are leading so many movements for change, who are thriving despite having the odds pitted against them, who are struggling to survive in our society, who hold both power and softness at the same time. I’m so lucky to know so many of these people, and am constantly thankful for their energy. Any advice for aspiring athletes? If you are motivated in your respective sport, you are already an athlete. There is no quantifying factor of ability for who is an athlete and who is not, in my opinion. But, have fun. Try your hardest. And be kind to yourself in your failures. Please choose two Gnarly products to recommend. The Vegan Meal replacement! I make a morning smoothie it with, and then also have a post-workout shake. I find that it gives me energy in the morning, and helps recovery after a gym session. I also love the BCAAs — great for at the crag/training session, and the Berry Lemonade flavor is TRULY the only BCAA flavor that I like the taste of!
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