Piseth Sam
Piseth Sam

Piseth Sam


Climbing, lifting. I work as a wellness coach specializing in adventure sports training. My background is in personal training, structural bodywork (massage therapy), and fitness nutrition.

Piseth Sam






The ocean provides instant relaxation for me so I try to get out there often when the summer hits in New England. When I’m there, I really enjoy kayaking, standup paddle boarding, swimming, and beach volleyball. When I’m inland, I love hiking and climbing in the mountains. I picked up ice climbing in the last couple of years which is kind of crazy because I’m southeast asian. My people are from the jungle so it’s kind of wild for me to enjoy climbing frozen water in frigid temps. There is a peacefulness to it that is hard to describe in words.

Causes I Care About

4-H, Women Venture, and Bagly. 4-H and Women Venture were instrumental during my youth. They took me on trips to the library, swimming pool, skiing, hiking, and camping. These two organizations really nurtured my love for the outdoors and provided underprivileged inner city kids like myself access to things we wouldn’t have been able to experience otherwise. Having Bagly during my teenage years as I was discovering my queer identity helped me gain a sense of community. It was scary growing up gay because people just weren’t out back then (yes, I’m old.) Having an organization celebrate that part of you helped give me a sense of belonging.


Do you collect anything? Sunglasses. It’s a terrible addiction and I don’t feel bad about it at all. What is your most unusual talent? After working on hundreds of bodies over the years, my hands are trained to sense if a person’s tissue is compromised. Stretched long, stretch short, dehydrated, etc. It’s made me quite good at identifying imbalances in the body. I have been able to help correct musculoskeletal issues and alleviate chronic pain in almost all of the clients seeking my help. What is the scariest thing you have ever done? I was a part of a short film project where the director asked me to lead the last two pitches of Reverse Camber on Cathedral Ledge in New Hampshire. The climb was way out of my pay grade. The most difficult route I climbed before the film was 5.8. I wasn’t really confident in leading trad (and still have anxiety around it) but I was with expert climbers who gave me a crash course into advanced climbing. I checked my fears, calmed my breath, and successfully led the last two pitches of a 5.11 route 400 feet off the ground. It was super humid the day we shot which made the slab section feel like a slip and slide. I was able to perform well under pressure and I proved to myself I can do anything I put my mind to. Why do you like working with Gnarly? I tried Gnarly after a friend gifted me a tub and was hooked. The vegan protein is super smooth and makes me feel really great after a workout. I got a chance to chat with Gnar Czar Eli and it made me an even bigger fan. We actually have a lot in common with the work we are doing to help humans connect with their bodies. I’m stoked to work together and educate more people on how to take better care of themselves. Outside of your respective sport, what are you most proud of? Helping humans connect with and understand their bodies through strength training and massage therapy. We live in such a high stress society, disassociating has become normal. Teaching people how to differentiate between good stress, bad stress, and giving them tools to manage it brings me the most joy in life. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? My mom’s papaya salad and fried chicken with white rice. It’s my ultimate comfort food. My southeast asian people know what’s up! Who is your hero? Why? Myself in the most non-egotistical way. I didn’t have many role models growing up so I had to be one for myself. I think this resonates with a lot of folks who don’t see themselves represented. Any advice for aspiring athletes? Don’t be afraid to fail and always try your best. There are many valuable lessons in failure. Allowing yourself to suck is so liberating. I recommend... I’m going to start by saying the Vegan protein is a staple for me so that’s an automatic recommendation. I think everyone should have a tub or two in their possession at all times if you’re serious about receiving dividends for the time you spend training. As a coach and athlete, I’ve tried my fair share of supplements. They all boast shorter recovery and increased focus but none of them compare to what you get with Gnarly Nutrition. I personally have been using the BCAAs and Hydration mix. My energy levels have been consistent and sustained even with an increase of doing two-a-days. They don’t make me shaky or irritate my kidneys like other BCAAs have. These supplements have helped me go from being quarantine active to a lifting session and an outdoor recreation session in the same day. I don’t have to choose between sport and training because my body is being fueled properly. Gnarly is changing the sports nutrition game and it’s just a matter of time before it’s everyone’s go. Try any of the products and prepare to feel the difference.
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