Eli Kerr Introduces Zac and Kami of Energy Explosion
Eli Kerr Introduces Zac and Kami of Energy Explosion

Eli Kerr Introduces Zac and Kami of Energy Explosion

Located right here in Utah, husband and wife duo, Kami and Zac Price, run their very own fitness and yoga studio in Spanish Fork. With a desire to create the perfect environment for people to have one-on-one training, Zac and Kami opened Energy Explosion in 2007 and created a personal and practical fitness program that centers around family fitness and overall health and wellness. Along with running the studio, this husband and wife team are also the proud parents of 3 active boys. Through application in their own lives, Zac and Kami have personally developed a lifestyle and fitness program that enables real people to stay fit and healthy even with their busy and demanding schedules.

Here at Gnarly Nutrition we are all about providing people with the fuel they need to unleash their inner strength and use it to shed excuses and push possibilities. We believe Zac and Kami have helped hundreds of their clients do the same. As a result, Gnarly Nutrition is proud to announce that we have teamed with Zac and Kami of Energy Explosion. Their mission of empowering people to have a well-rounded approach to fitness and nutrition is perfectly in line with Gnarly’s standards. Like Gnarly Nutrition, Zac and Kami believe that fitness is less about lifting weights and being in the gym, and more about building inner strength along with outer strength to be the best versions of ourselves. When asked about joining the Gnarly team, Zac said, “Fitness, to me, is about so much more than just diet and exercise, it’s about each of us becoming the best version of ourselves so that we can live our best lives. Gnarly’s line of products improve performance and health; a powerful combination that helps transform the body inside and out.”

Gnarly’s Marketing Manager, Bryan Holladay, is excited to have such an inspirational couple join Gnarly. He said, “Zac & Kami are two amazing fitness experts, and we are stoked to have them on our team. We had been following them on various social media channels and were very impressed with their approach to fitness and living balanced and healthy lives. It just makes sense for Gnarly to have a husband and wife as part of our growing team. A lot of our customers are parents and we feel they will relate well to what Zac & Kami have to offer.”

Gnarly Nutrition is thrilled to have such a powerhouse couple joining our team of Gnarly ambassadors. We can’t wait to fuel their inner Gnarly with the best ingredients and be an integral part of what they accomplish both in and outside of the gym!

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