Clean Fuel for Clean Training

Want more. Do more. Be more. Our motto at Gnarly Nutrition embodies being the best version of our own selves. This looks different for every person. For you, those goals might include going to the Olympics (okay, maybe as a spectator) or maybe it’s breaking through a plateau on your morning runs. It could be […]

2021 Olympics Update with Gnarly Athletes Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman.

December of 2019 was a great month for professional rock climbers and Gnarly Nutrition athletes Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman. In Toulouse, France, both athletes secured a spot in the Tokyo Olympics for Team USA. They returned to the US and celebrated the holidays knowing the road ahead of them in 2020 would be one […]

Daily Routines – How USAC Athletes use Gnarly Products

What does a saucepan, five pairs of shoes, a good luck note and a kendama all have in common? They’re all items you can find in the gym bags of climbers on Team USA, of course. The shoe variety makes a ton of sense. Different climbing disciplines or routes call for different shoes. We could […]

3 Steps for Revising Your Goals During COVID-19

For many professional and amateur athletes alike, we brought in the new decade celebrating the possibilities of what was to come. We dreamt of a year where we would unwield our finely crafted skills on our goals and competition. Fast forward a couple of months, and we’ve all been forced to push the pause button […]

Alex Johnson: Coming Out, Coming Back, and Coming Full Circle

“Taylor Swift is growing on me, but I wasn’t a fan,” says Alex Johnson.  It was the end of August 2019, and Alex, known to her friends and much of the climbing world as AJ, was “stuck” at a T-Swift show in Minneapolis—her girlfriend of several years, Bree, was supposed to go with a co-worker, […]

NSF Certification Explained

The quality and purity of our supplements have always been of paramount importance and we are ecstatic to announce that the majority of Gnarly Nutrition supplements are now NSF Certified with our most popular flavors NSF for Sport Certified. You will begin to see NSF certification badges on the front label of each Gnarly product. […]

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2018

Deep in the backwoods of Northern Arkansas lies a canyon brimming with small yet immaculate sandstone cliffs. Climbers have developed Horseshoe Canyon Ranch over the course of the last few decades, but it has really been put on the radar of the larger climbing community by the “24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell” event, which began […]

Under Pressure Part 2

We’re back with Part 2 on stress and the effect of adrenaline on the body. If you’re just tuning in, here’s a quick review of Part 1: We discussed how our bodies are placed in constant stress through our choice of activity (climbing, strength training, etc.) and everyday lifestyle factors (traffic, busy schedules, etc.).  We […]

Work Hard, Rest Harder…And Smarter

You see it time and time again in weightlifting. A new athlete comes out of nowhere doing some real impressive lifts in training. Then following it up with big lifts at competition after competition. What is their secret? Simple, hard work. They put in countless hours day after day just trying to work harder than […]

How to Make the Impossible, Possible

That light bulb that suddenly clicks in your head. “I’ve got it! I am signing up for the San Francisco Marathon!” Or “I’m going to climb The Nose on El Capitan!” Or “ I am going to bike in the Tuscon Century (100 miles) this year!” That one big daunting goal, the one you (often) […]

What to Eat During the Week Leading up to Your Marathon

Like all athletes, runners train hard – especially as the actually competition gets closer and closer. Often, though, they tend to neglect their nutrition. To be fair, this might not be a complete oversight. Most of the time, runners genuinely try to eat properly in order to prepare their body for the upcoming race – […]

5 Tips for Training with an Injury

Getting injured while training can be one of the most frustrating and upsetting things that you have to face as an athlete. After all, your workouts are supposed to be making you awesome – not breaking you. Often, it can feel like a betrayal. On top of that, you then have to rethink the way […]

Meet Training Weight

Today was my first road ride of 2016.  A week of warmer than usual temperatures in Central Oregon melted the ice off the roads and the sun beckoned me to lube the chair and re-inflate the tires on Training Weight so he was road ready.  Training Weight; yup, that’s the name of my road bike […]

Muscle Cramping: An Athlete’s Nemesis

Muscle cramping is my nemesis. Simultaneous hamstring cramping once made be abandon the trail and roll in the shrubbery trying to figure out if straitening or bending my legs would be better as the second place girl sped past me to the finish. A calf cramp once left me one-leg pedaling the last three miles […]

Become A Professional At Will Power, Here’s How!

My indecisiveness used to be the frustration of my family and the torment of my ex boyfriends.  Sure, now I can pick an entre at a restaurant in a socially acceptable time frame, but my inability to focus on simply one athletic endeavor has not wavered. My condition has only gotten worse since grade school!  […]

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Competes in the OCR World Championship

Coming into the OCR World Championships I felt as unprepared as I did running my first Spartan race. I knew that there would be quite a few obstacles that I would be familiar with from Spartan races, but I also knew there would be some that I had never seen before. The race started fast, […]

How to Avoid Athletic Injuries

Considering that your workout is an effort to improve your body, it’s pretty strange to think about the fact that each time you hit the gym, you’re actually doing damage to your joints, bones and muscles – putting these under stress with each rep and each step. Of course, that “damage” is exactly what you […]

10 Strategies for Healing After Athletic Injuries

You train to be stronger, healthier, faster – better. It can be incredibly frustrating, then, when you have to deal with an injury that takes you out of your routine for long stretches of time. To help you get back to it faster, and avoid future injuries, here are 10 strategies for healing after athletic […]

25 Best Post-Workout Foods

You’ve just killed it in the gym – congratulations. But… now what? In truth, it’s at this point that all that hard work actually starts to do something. The reality is that your body does not get leaner or faster or stronger during your workouts. These changes happen at this point, after your workout, in […]