No-Send September Part Two: Fail then Succeed

On a flat, paved surface, the average adult takes about 2,000 steps to walk one mile. In a race that spans 268 miles though mountains and varied terrain in the dead of winter in the United Kingdom, that amounts to something like 540,000 steps. And all it takes is one wrong step to take you […]

Does Protein Make You Bulky?

Protein has a reputation in the fitness world. When a person begins training, the first dietary change they make is to increase protein. When the diet logs of the bulkiest men in the world are published, it’s not uncommon to see protein intakes of 400 or more grams per day. Our muscles are literally made […]

Top 4 Benefits of Using A Muscle Roller

Just about every gym you walk into these days have muscle rollers lying around but few people know how to use one properly or why they even matter. The truth is: muscle rollers help. A lot. The scientific term for muscle massage is called self-mysofascial release or SMR for short. The objective of SMR is […]

The Crossover Between Performance and Aesthetic Training and Eating

I spent my off season from professional Obstacle Course racing to cross something off of my fitness bucket list— a figure competition. Yes, where you stand on a stage with a spray tan, clear heels and a bikini and flex. Sorry—pose.  Although this was seemingly out of character, the mental and physical challenge was actually […]

5 Tips for Training with an Injury

Getting injured while training can be one of the most frustrating and upsetting things that you have to face as an athlete. After all, your workouts are supposed to be making you awesome – not breaking you. Often, it can feel like a betrayal. On top of that, you then have to rethink the way […]

How to Avoid Athletic Injuries

Considering that your workout is an effort to improve your body, it’s pretty strange to think about the fact that each time you hit the gym, you’re actually doing damage to your joints, bones and muscles – putting these under stress with each rep and each step. Of course, that “damage” is exactly what you […]

Fitness Face-off: Crossfit vs. Traditional Weightlifting

Although it may look simplistic at first, you have plenty of options when it comes to strength training. The whole process involves a lot more than just ‘picking things up and putting them down’ – providing a huge variety of options when it comes to program design. One of those varied approaches that has popped […]

Cardio Showdown: Steady-State vs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Even though it’s lost some popularity in the fitness world recently, cardio is important. As it’s full name – “cardiovascular”- suggests, cardio focuses on your heart. And your heart is pretty key to your overall… being alive. Another – less common – term for cardio, however, is cardiopulminary training which also highlights the involvement of […]

Top 10 Exercises for Burning the Most Calories

It’s always interesting to see what happens when you ask a group of people what calories are. You’ll hear all sorts of stuff, though the most common response usually sounds something like “the things that make you fat.” And, while this can be true, it’s not the whole truth.   Calories are, strictly speaking, a […]

7 Reasons to Crossfit

From it’s humble beginnings in 2000 as a single gym in California, Crossfit has quickly grown into a global fitness phenomenon. Developed by Coach Greg Glassman, Crossfit seeks to use a variety of high-intensity training techniques – with a strong emphasis on Olympic lifts – to turn fitness into a sport. According to Glassman, Crossfit […]

6 Tips On How To Survive The Holidays On The Paleo Diet

When some people think of going on the Paleo diet during the holidays, they undoubtedly wonder—Will I be sad staring at the stuffing and candied yams while I eat plain chicken and dry green beans? Will I be setting myself up for failure? Should I just start on the New Year? The answer is NO! […]

EcoJarz Review: Gnarly in a Jar?

Every once in a while we like to check out some of the brands that aren’t only good for our athletes, but also good for the earth. One of those products is EcoJarz. EcoJarz makes reusable lids and straws for mason jars. Their goal is to help cut down the amount of waste created from […]

Introduction to Tabata Training

You’ve been working hard in the gym. You know what to do and get it done – week after week. As a result, you’ve been seeing great results. You’re getting leaner, stronger and you’re starting to feel like you’ve found your groove.

How to Implement Pre-Fatigue Training

If you’ve been going about your workout but just can’t seem to get past that one sticking point on one of your lifts, there’s no question that you’re likely feeling very frustrated. It may feel like no matter what you try, you just can’t get more weight up on the bar, thus your progress is […]

Your Best Healthy Energy Boost for Busy Days

If you feel like your to-do list is longer than your child’s Christmas wish list, you’re going to need an energy boost to get things done. You try and eat right and you’re getting to the gym three or four times each week, but with your busy schedule, there are times when it feels like […]

Designing A Power Building Workout Program

Some athletes focus their workouts on building lean muscle mass. This is because they are concerned with the aesthetic appearance they present and as such, their workouts are spent trying to get larger.

Paleo Cherry Chia Smoothie

This Paleo Cherry Chia Smoothie recipe is so delicious the kids will love it.  You can dress it up by adding in a scoop of Gnarly Vicious Vanilla Whey.

Compression Stockings: Will they boost your performance?

One trend you might be starting to see more and more, especially among endurance training athletes. is the use of compression stockings. Whether they’re using medical grade compression stockings or just purchasing compression gear from sports manufacturer’s, the use of compression garments is starting to rise.

Misconception of Carbs Part 2

Today we’re going to focus on how common misconceptions about carbs and a low-carb diets can easily keep you confused and weary of keeping good carbohydrates in your day to day diet.