Gratitude in Practice

In August of 2016, my mother and I flew to the East coast to start my next chapter at the University of Vermont. I stayed in the rental car while my mom went in to check into the hotel. Time seemed to be moving in slow motion with eager emotions swirling through me. My mom […]

Gnarly Energy Bites

This is my go to snack for pre-workout fuel.  They’re quick to make, hard to mess up, fairly nutrient dense and generally delicious (2 year old approved).  I’ve done a hundred variations, but have shared the basic recipe here.  The recipe below is gluten and dairy free (if your oats are certified gluten free), but […]

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Takes 1st in Utah’s Spartan Race

Cody’s 4 Reason’s for Taking 1st in Utah’s Spartan Race I have 4 good reasons why this year’s Utah Spartan race was so successful. #1 True Competition– I had the opportunity to race with a lot of exceptional athletes  from all around the country. Most importantly, I raced with some of my great friends from […]