Pre vs. Pump vs. BCAAs: What’s the right pre-workout for you?

One of the questions we get asked most frequently at Gnarly is who should use Gnarly Pump, Gnarly BCAAs and Gnarly Pre, and whether all three products are necessary.  All three products can be used before training and when to use one and not the other can be understandably confusing.   To shed some light […]

Creatine 101: What Is It and Why Anyone Exercising Should Use It

Creatine: Nothing Controversial Here The first time I heard about creatine was in college. It was my junior year and I had recently started lifting weights with a friend of mine. We had an idea about what was “good” (or at least worthwhile) general nutrition-wise, but supplements were—if not completely off our radar—subjugated to the […]

Curing Your Caffeine Cravings in the Mountains

I’ve worked in a coffee shop. While working in a coffee shop, I can embarrassingly admit that I once vomited from an espresso overdose. I came up with the ingenious idea to forego coffee on a cross-country bike trip. 15 minutes into my first “caffeine free” ride, I found myself sitting on the curb of […]

5 Tips for Staying in Shape During the Winter Months

The winter is a difficult time for fitness enthusiasts and athletes alike. Many sports are in their off-season, getting outside to exercise is a significant challenge, motivation is typically low and – to top it all off – you’re likely binging around the holidays. It’s really a pretty terrible combination of events. Believe it or […]

The Truth About Antioxidants and How They Work

The health and fitness world is fueled by buzzwords; Words or phrases that immediately make us believe that a food is infinitely better for us, or even required for us to live healthy lives. Beginning with research in the 1990s, antioxidants entered the public consciousness and were instantly hailed as nutritional and biological heroes. But, […]