Endurance Athletes: Missing training days due to soreness? You may need more protein

Benefits of protein for the endurance athlete What’s the buzz about protein? First of all, we are made of it, literally. Everything from our muscles, bones, neurotransmitters, and hormones, to tiny microscopic cellular machines, are made up of protein. Protein benefits: Helps with muscle repair  Helps with muscle building Helps maintain fluid balance Makes up […]

Update from Gnarly Nutrition During these Wild and Crazy Times

To our customers and friends, I wanted to provide you with a quick update and send you some rad recommendations from our team members. We’re still accepting, packing, and fulfilling orders… and shipping them out with our usual fast turn around. We are very appreciative of the small team that is still operating our warehouse. […]

Cookie-ish Nuggets

Cookies will always have a place in my life but more often than not I’m looking for something that is more cookie-ish.  Something that satisfies my sweet tooth, but is also a good source of nutrition.  Well, these little nuggets fit the bill.  The recipe is based on this recipe, but I’ve tweaked it a […]

Golden Milk Protein Shake

My inspiration for this smoothie came from a recipe for Golden Milk, an Ayurvedic staple that has been part of Indian culture and medicine for thousands of years.  Incorporating cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and cardamom, this recipe is full of ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Plus – adding a little Gnarly protein […]

Gnarly Vegan Protein Pancakes

We love this recipe as it includes a good source of complex carbohydrates as well as a whopping 20g of protein per serving, making it a great recovery breakfast following a long day in the hills or a hard gym session.   Ingredients (makes 2 x 6-8″ pancakes) 1/2 cup rolled oats 1/2 cup nut […]

Protein pancakes

This is the easiest recipe EVER and these protein pancakes make a great breakfast, snack, pre-workout fuel or even dessert (think drizzled chocolate).  The recipe below is gluten free and although we use Gnarly Whey in the video, these can also be dairy free if you use Gnarly Vegan. I like to top them with […]

Gnarly Whey Macaroons

Because I make so much homemade pasta, I always have an abundance of egg whites. One great way to use them instead of dumping them down the sink is to make Macaroons. Turns out, they are great anytime of day, easy to share, have a relatively long, low maintenance shelf life, and travel well. I’ve […]

Gnarly Butter Berry Smoothie

This is a calorie and nutrient dense morning smoothie to fuel you from morning until mid-day.  High in protein, carbs, and fats, this smoothie provides a great way to curb hunger and provide both fast and slow burning energy sources to fuel the first half of your day. The ingredients can always be played with […]

Gnarly Energy Bites

This is my go to snack for pre-workout fuel.  They’re quick to make, hard to mess up, fairly nutrient dense and generally delicious (2 year old approved).  I’ve done a hundred variations, but have shared the basic recipe here.  The recipe below is gluten and dairy free (if your oats are certified gluten free), but […]

Curing Your Caffeine Cravings in the Mountains

I’ve worked in a coffee shop. While working in a coffee shop, I can embarrassingly admit that I once vomited from an espresso overdose. I came up with the ingenious idea to forego coffee on a cross-country bike trip. 15 minutes into my first “caffeine free” ride, I found myself sitting on the curb of […]

5 Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Very often, it seems like you have to be willing to hand over absurd amounts of money in order to eat healthy. The truth, though, is often just the opposite. Of course, there are a few tricks you need to know to get around all the traps at the grocery story. To help you out, […]

5 Tips for Making a Healthy Smoothie

Loaded with fruits, vegetables and all manner of healthy-looking foods, smoothies just seem like the perfect option for a fast, convenient meal. The problem is that store-bought smoothies can be loaded with excess calories from added sugar and a number of not-so-great additives. A much better option is to take the few extra minutes to […]

Gnarly Vanilla Cinnamon Snickerdoodles

Delicious fluffy vanilla, cinnamon clouds of goodness. That’s what it is like to eat these snickerdoodles made with our Gnarly Whey Vicious Vanilla. Make a warm batch for yourself and let us know what you think! Oh and don’t feel guilty, you’re just getting your protein a more delicious way today! Ingredients: 1 cup (2 […]

How to Incorporate Traditional Super Foods into Your Diet

We hear the word “superfood” being thrown around a lot these days. Everything from avocados to spirulina is being called a “superfood”, but what about traditional “superfoods” such as fermented vegetables, bone broth, and organ meats? These foods aren’t as popular as the avocado, but they should be part of your diet. Let me explain […]

Chunky Monkey with Gnarly Vegan Chiseled Chocolate

Creamy and Delicious Chunky Monkey with Gnarly Vegan Chiseled Chocolate! Perfect for all you Vegans out there looking for a protein-packed and filling treat! Blend it up and enjoy! Ingredients: 1 medium banana 1 tablespoon peanut butter 8 oz coconut water 1 scoop Gnarly chocolate protein powder ½ cup ice cubes Please let us know […]

The Top 10 Nutrients You Aren’t Getting Enough Of

As an athlete – and just all-around awesome person – you understand the importance of nutrition in your routine. No amount of exercise will fill the gaps in a poorly designed diet. According to the newest draft of the much-anticipated 2015 Dietary Guidelines for All Americans and several other scientific inquiries into the topic, however, […]

Healthy Protein Packed Chocolate Ice Cream!

Imagine the best chocolate, soft-serve ice cream you have ever had. Maybe you just got done with a workout, it’s hot outside, and you are ready to refuel with something cool and delicious. Chocolate soft-serve anyone? Sounds refreshing, but I have something even better for you. After a workout, I like to refuel with a […]

Basic Protein Chia Seed Pudding

There was a time when I ate 6 – 7 “mini meals” per day. I ate this way because I thought it was the “right” way to eat. Fad diets and trends encouraged me to eat frequently throughout the day promising that I could “rev my metabolism”, so I tried it, just like many others. […]