The Top 10 Ways to Train for a Marathon

Okay, so you’ve decided to run a marathon. You even took the extra step to sign up for one and really lock yourself in… Now what? Obviously, running your first 26.2 is a pretty big project and will require a significant amount of training and preparation. To get you started, though, here are just a […]

10 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rollers. You’ve probably encountered these little, cylindrical torture devices before or at least seen them in use. If you have, you’re likely familiar with the painful grimaces that appear whenever anyone is crushing their limbs with them. So what are foam rollers and why do people use them? As the name suggests, foam rollers […]

Ice Baths Demystified

Why do elite athletes ice bathe? Is it just another way to make them tough or an out-dated technique backed by no scientific evidence?  Or does it impart some magical performance abilities on those brave enough to jump in? When you are training, soft tissue (muscles, tendons, and ligaments) are challenged to work harder, longer, […]

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Competes in the OCR World Championship

Coming into the OCR World Championships I felt as unprepared as I did running my first Spartan race. I knew that there would be quite a few obstacles that I would be familiar with from Spartan races, but I also knew there would be some that I had never seen before. The race started fast, […]

5 Recovery Strategies

Here’s something you probably hate to think too much about: Your workouts are actually damaging your muscles. Sorry, but it’s true. But, all those tiny little tears that your exercises inflict on your muscles act as stimuli to trigger some pretty awesome adaptations. In fact, those adaptations are exactly what you’re looking for when you […]

Run Faster and Jump Higher with these Proven Foot Stretches

Do you want a longer stride? A higher jump? A faster leg turnover? Less leg fatigue?  Spending five minutes, twice a week, to improve the arches of your feet may be all it takes.  Arches are the natural suspension system for your legs. You have three arches on each foot: one running from heel to […]

4 Ways To Stay Hydrated This Summer

Here’s a few things that you’re probably extremely aware of already: First, the summer is hot. Second, heat makes you sweat. Finally, that sweat means that your body is literally losing water, headed toward dehydration. This whole equation gets even worse if you plan on exercising in those elevated temperatures. So, then, how can you […]

Gnarly’s Summer Bucket List – 2015

These days, everybody’s got at least one bucket list – even Gnarly. And summer is the time to get junk done. So, what does Gnarly want to do this summer? Get some ideas with our Summer Bucket List for 2015. Start the Seven Summits. The highest peak on each of the seven continents are collectively […]

5 Ways To Stay In Shape On Vacation

A few weeks ago, we gave you a few tips on maintaining a healthy diet while on vacation. In keeping with Gnarly’s efforts to help you stay active, healthy and awesome regardless of where you are,  we’re going to look at another aspect of vacationing: Activity. Depending on your vacationing style and destination, it can […]

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Takes 1st in Utah’s Spartan Race

Cody’s 4 Reason’s for Taking 1st in Utah’s Spartan Race I have 4 good reasons why this year’s Utah Spartan race was so successful. #1 True Competition– I had the opportunity to race with a lot of exceptional athletes  from all around the country. Most importantly, I raced with some of my great friends from […]

Cardio Showdown: Steady-State vs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Even though it’s lost some popularity in the fitness world recently, cardio is important. As it’s full name – “cardiovascular”- suggests, cardio focuses on your heart. And your heart is pretty key to your overall… being alive. Another – less common – term for cardio, however, is cardiopulminary training which also highlights the involvement of […]

Top 10 Exercises for Burning the Most Calories

It’s always interesting to see what happens when you ask a group of people what calories are. You’ll hear all sorts of stuff, though the most common response usually sounds something like “the things that make you fat.” And, while this can be true, it’s not the whole truth. Calories are, strictly speaking, a measure […]

3 Ways to Run With Better Form

Although – when you’re panting through those last few miles on aching feet – it might not feel like it, your body is quite literally designed to run. In fact, some experts have gone so far as to say that humans are the best distance runners on the planet. This is the result of hundreds […]

3 Steps to Becoming an Endurance Athlete

The human body – your human body – is capable of performing an incredible variety of impressive feats. The more we learn, though, the more it seems like our body is uniquely built to run. In fact, over long distances many experts consider humans to be the best endurance athletes on the planet. Numerous anatomical […]

Should You Be Doing Cardio For Optimal Weight Loss?

As you go about designing a weight loss program for yourself, you might find yourself wondering what combination of exercises should be included for optimal results. Should you focus primarily on cardio training? Or should strength training be the focus? Or should you be doing both each time you hit the gym? While there is […]

Nutrition Tips for Endurance Athletes

If you’re an endurance athlete, you are going to have a much different set of demands for your physical performance than other strength based athletes would. While those athletes are focused on generating as much force as possible over a very short period of time, endurance athletes must be able to work for lengthy periods […]

Spartan Race waiver reads, “You might die.”

Actually it doesn’t. But it’s a good headliner. Spartan Race Founder, Joe DeSena, did over 10,000 Burpees in a week. He also wrote a new book called, Spartan Up! which launches in May. We had an insider’s look at the new book and can’t wait for the full version release.

How To Dress For The Cold

Here are some tips and tricks from the standard issue Gnarly Field Manual on how to dress for the frigid temps ahead.