NSF Certification Explained

Our purpose in seeking NSF certification for Gnarly Nutrition products is to start rebuilding consumer trust and validate the effort and resources we’ve invested in creating high-quality and effective products.

Do I Exercise If I’m Sick?

You’re an athlete, and you’re sick. You’re in the odd spot where you want to take control of your body back from whatever virus or bug and show it who’s in charge; who owns their own destiny –you. But you also run the risk of making yourself sicker. And that’s why today we’re going to talk about a few ways to know if it’s a good idea to exercise if you’re sick.

5 Winter Sports To Try

Today I thought I’d take some space talking about a few good activities that can keep you active during the winter. Why? because we’re all in this season together. And it’s a great time to try out some new sports.

How To Dress For The Cold

Here are some tips and tricks from the standard issue Gnarly Field Manual on how to dress for the frigid temps ahead.

How to Pick a Snowboard

Winter is coming and, if you’re like me, you’re trying to figure out some things to keep you outside and active. Lucky for me, the folks over at backcountry.com have put together a sweet little piece on how to choose a snowboard.

Leaving all the Gadgets at Home

Why do I spend an extra 10 minutes fumbling around before a run to find some lost piece of equipment I feel I need to make my experience meaningful? Think about just heading out the door “naked”. No phone, no watch. Just you, your thoughts, and the pavement for a few miles. See how it feels.

New Cadence App For Runners

There’s a new iPhone app that will automatically adjust the speed of your music to fall in line with a cadence that will help you reach a specific pace you’ve entered into the App.

Recon’s Jet Sunglasses

If you have an extra $1,500 to spend on sunglasses, you might want to think about Recon’s new Jet. These glasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but they’ll give you a host of stats and info projected neatly onto the lense –without obstructing your field of view.