Fueling with Carbs

In moderate- or high-intensity exercises, carbs are our main fuel source. So when training or competing, carb intake should be the main focus to fuel our bodies so we can crush our goals.

Longevity in Sport: Overcoming an Injury

Last fall, Gnarly athlete Dan Mirsky herniated a disk in his spine. His sense of self and climbing goals were immediately shattered. Read about his experiences overcoming the injury and his reflections on the process.

Endurance Athletes: Missing training days due to soreness? You may need more protein

Benefits of protein for the endurance athlete What’s the buzz about protein? First of all, we are made of it, literally. Everything from our muscles, bones, neurotransmitters, and hormones, to tiny microscopic cellular machines, are made up of protein. Protein benefits: Helps with muscle repair  Helps with muscle building Helps maintain fluid balance Makes up […]

Going The Distance

On a cold February day in 2012, Mike McKnight’s running career was almost snuffed out before it got started.  Mike, then 21, and his friends were skiing at Beaver Mountain near Logan, Utah, and set up to hit a table-top jump in the terrain park, one Mike had hit multiple times in the past. But […]

5 Recovery Tips with Ultra-Runner Mike McKnight

We turn to Ultra-runner Mike McKnight to get his top 5 recovery tips. While Mike has completed a number of 100 mile trail races, his latest accomplishments might just blow your mind. Since 2017 Mike has completed the Triple Crown of 200s… twice.