Mindful Eating Part 3: Stop Crash Dieting For Long Term Health

What do you think of when you hear the word diet? Does being hangry (you know that constant hungry angry feeling) come to mind, or having to cut out entire food groups because it’s part of the “rules,” or feeling like you have to say goodbye to your social life because everything at the party […]

The Crossover Between Performance and Aesthetic Training and Eating

I spent my off season from professional Obstacle Course racing to cross something off of my fitness bucket list— a figure competition. Yes, where you stand on a stage with a spray tan, clear heels and a bikini and flex. Sorry—pose.  Although this was seemingly out of character, the mental and physical challenge was actually […]

The Elliptical Illusion: Why Interval Training Burns the Most Fat

I’m sure on Planet X there is a television station live streaming cardio machines at Globo Gyms across the United States. This program provides endless elation to our extraterrestrial friends. Not only is it hard to understand why people would subject themselves to 30-45-60-90 minute low intensity cardio sessions for the pure boredom, but they […]

Ditching the Diet. Stop “Dieting”…Just Eat Right

Is dieting really the way ? There are about a million diets out there. Some promise fast weight loss and others guarantee rock hard abs in just one week. Some diets are low carb, some are low fat, others are gluten free or are vegan…some even tell you that you can lose weight fast without […]

Counting Macros vs. Counting Calories

It’s pretty commonly accepted that, if you want to lose weight or gain weight or do anything that impacts your relationship with the troublesome scale, you need to count your calories. Weight, as the general consensus goes, is the result of calories in versus calories out. If you want to lose weight, then, you simply […]

What to Eat Before and After a Workout

What you eat before…and after your workouts is a huge part of how your workouts will go and how effective they will be. You need the proper foods to fuel your workouts and to recover from them. So let’s talk pre-workout fuel. Eating something to prep for your workout about an hour or two previous […]

5 Myths That Are Slowing Your Progress

There is a staggering, confusing and frustrating amount of misinformation surrounding the complex field of fitness and nutrition. More than being irritating, however, these myths and misconceptions could be actively working against your goals, slowing your progress and just generally making things more difficult than they have to be. To help you cut through it […]

Three Metabolic Finishers To Torch Fat

You’ve finished your workout, done everything you came to the gym to accomplish. But you still have some energy left and feel like you could keep going. What do you do then? Tack on a finisher! A short, intense mini-workout called a metabolic finisher could make a perfect addition to your routine in these situations. […]

Don’t Fall Victim to These 3 Dieting Myths

Remember the 1940’s, when smoking made you skinny? Remember five years ago (and still today) when fat made you fat and low-fat, chemical and sugar pumped foods made you thin? I hope these dieting myths are expunged for good. I know we are still working on the fat thing. There are a few more dieting […]

Good vs Bad: Which Nutrition Bars Should You Be Avoiding?

Nutrition bars – which can include protein bars, energy bars and the like – are great, convenient little meals and snacks that give you the fuel you need without a big investment of time. Or at least, that’s how it should be. Unfortunately, these bars aren’t always as great as they might seem. In fact, […]

30 Nutrition Facts that Should Be Common Sense But Aren’t

There is a staggering amount of information regarding nutrition available to us nowadays. Unfortunately, it’s often confusing, contradictory or just downright wrong. Sifting through this mess can be frustrating and discouraging, leaving some to just give up. Sadly, many real, reliable facts about nutrition have been obscured by all of this madness, even when these […]

How to Make Running Fun

Running is fantastic exercise. Not only does it burn tons of calories, but a good run can also increase your power, endurance and cardiovascular health. Some research even suggests that running can dramatically improve your mood and memory, too. Plus, running can be done just about anywhere with minimal equipment. There’s just one problem: Running […]

Staying Healthy During the Holiday’s

Did you know that on average Americans gain 5 pounds every holiday season? Yeah. And…they usually don’t lose it during the year so each year the weight just keeps adding up. This is one of the major causes of adult weight gain. So, how do we avoid the dreaded holiday weight gain? Here are a few simple tips […]

Can You Gain Muscle Without Gaining Weight?

There’s no doubt that increasing muscle increases absolute strength—but as important as absolute strength is in many sports, relative strength is often more important. While I would argue (and have) that gaining muscle (and therefore weight) is still a better way to increase your relative strength than losing fat, it can be a difficult pill […]

What is a Dietitian and Do I Need One?

We’ve said it before and will doubtlessly say it many more times: Nutrition is absolutely vital. If your diet is on-point, your workout performance will noticeably improve – as will your overall sense of well-being – for the simple reason that your body will be properly fueled. A diet that is lacking, however, will logically […]

7 Foods You Should Be Eating Every Week

Nutrition is a key part to any healthy lifestyle. In fact, most experts say that weight control is 75 percent diet and only about 25 percent exercise – though some say it’s more like 80/20 or even 90/10. Whatever ratio you prefer, one thing is clear: No matter how much time you spend in the […]

Change Your Goals, Change Your Life in 2016

  As we approach the new year it’s natural to have the itch to “get in shape” again. I love that this is something that happens during/after the holidays every year, but I dislike that by February everyone falls back into their old ways and decides it’s too hard to eat healthy or keep up with a workout […]

How to Switch Over to a Vegan Diet

Even after you’ve made the decision to become a vegan, getting started can be a daunting task. After all, veganism typically requires a complete change in your lifestyle – making a much larger adjustment than the common diet. So, how can you do it successfully? Here are a few basic steps to get you moving […]

10 Benefits of Foam Rolling

Foam rollers. You’ve probably encountered these little, cylindrical torture devices before or at least seen them in use. If you have, you’re likely familiar with the painful grimaces that appear whenever anyone is crushing their limbs with them. So what are foam rollers and why do people use them? As the name suggests, foam rollers […]