Maintaining Athletic Performance Through Years of “Seasons”

Join Dr. Carrie Cooper for a discussion on maintaining athletic performance through years of “Seasons”. You’ll learn how to self assess and apply this information to your athletic performance throughout the video. All levels and sports apply. In This Clinic Full Range of Motion Athletes and Pain Self-Assessment Hypo Mobile v. Hyper Mobile All […]

Maintaining Strength and Conditioning for Baseline Health

Gnarly athlete Joslynn Corredor will be covering a number of mobility routines that can be used for any outdoor sport as she leads you through a full-body strength routine that you can use to build a good base. Watch the video for a live walkthrough, or read on for brief descriptions of the exercises. […]

Yoga for Climbers

In this workshop, Dominique Davis brings the principles and practices of yoga from the studio to the Crag, and learn how to incorporate them into our climbing routine. We will explore the benefits of mantra meditation to overcome self doubt and negative thoughts by creating our own personal one. You will have the opportunity to […]