Reducing Injury for the Ski & Snowboard Athlete Through Strength Training

Have you ever wondered as a skier or snowboarder, why is strength training important and how can it help prevent injury? Erin Storck will answer this question and help you as an athlete understand who should strength train how to incorporate into an exercise routine. She will discuss the different muscle groups then explain specific […]

Yoga for Climbers

In this workshop, Dominique Davis brings the principles and practices of yoga from the studio to the Crag, and learn how to incorporate them into our climbing routine. We will explore the benefits of mantra meditation to overcome self doubt and negative thoughts by creating our own personal one. You will have the opportunity to […]

Bodywork for the Lifelong Athlete

Advanced massage therapy or otherwise known as Bodywork helps prevents injuries, shortens recovery time, increases athletic performance and sustains ability and agility over a lifetime. The benefits of bodywork are immense and often immediate, incorporating bodywork into your rest and recovery program is highly recommended for those who want to move well, forever. In this […]

The Role of Nutrition in Injury Prevention & Rehab

Interested to know how your diet and nutrition can help you prevent and recover from injuries? Caitlin Holmes, a functional sports nutritionist, discusses the importance of nutrition for athletes, nutritional strategies to prevent injuries, how to utilize nutrition as a rehab tool, and why energy deficits increase risk of injury and slow recovery. She also […]

Longevity as Vegan Athlete

Wondering if you can maintain and perhaps improve your performance in the long run as a vegan athlete? Creating a sustainable plant-based diet that tastes good and nourishes the body is crucial as an athlete. But can you still perform as a plant-based athlete? During this clinic, two plant-based athletes will review the vegan diet […]