Here is how to get strong physically and mentally

I remember coming home from school as a kid with a 90 percent in math and my mother being disappointed. I was naturally gifted at math, so I never had to study. She told me that she was not proud of my grade because I didn’t work for it. I also remember coming home with a 65 percent in geography and her telling me how proud she was because she knew I tried my hardest. I’d studied. The point here is my mother never focused on the end result. She focused on the amount of work it took to get there. She noticed and rewarded work ethic. And it made me notice and reward it too.

As I grew older those lessons she taught me formed the basis of the person I am today. I was never a naturally gifted athlete. In fact quite the opposite. I was always the last picked on every team I tried out for, I was bullied in elementary school and for my first few years of high school. I was uncoordinated, shy, and weak, mentally and physically. There are many people I have met in my lifetime who have a hard time believing I wasn’t an athlete. They look at me and make certain assumptions. They see me as supremely confident, a great speaker, and successful in all I do. The reality is that inside of me is a kid who got his face drawn on with markers on the bus ride to school, a kid who was called names, and who was terrified to give public speeches.

My story of personal growth and change started when I was 14 years old. Without the work ethic my Mother instilled in me none of my successes would have ever happened. I have spent my life working hard because it was what I was taught to do. Because of that work ethic I have had many incredible life experiences. I have fought and been victorious in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, I was a highly decorated police officer in the city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, I run one of the very best gyms on the entire planet, Gym Jones.

Some people believe that fitness is merely a physical thing, that if you simply go to the gym and eat a little better that you will achieve your goals. I believe the opposite. I believe that real, genuine fitness starts in your mind. It is one of the reasons there is such an emphasis on psychology in this book. If you can make your mind strong, if you can learn to hack your psychology, then getting your body fit is the easy part. The most important muscle you can train sits right between your ears.

What I am here to tell you today is that there is no secret to my success. It is simple, old fashioned, hard work. You want to know the real secret: Show up, don’t quit, and ask questions. There is no magic pill. You can’t pay three easy payments of $9.99 and hope to wake up fit. There’s no easy way to get what you really want. You have to believe, and then you have to work. If you do those things you will be successful.

Take a few moments and think about what you really want out of life. Then think about what you are willing to go make those things happen. Understand that anything is possible with enough hard work. Are you willing to work that hard to accomplish your goals? If yes then get to it. If not, then maybe you should examine how bad you really want it.


Bobby Maximus

Bobby Maximus

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