Gnarly’s Summer Bucket List – 2015

These days, everybody’s got at least one bucket list – even Gnarly. And summer is the time to get junk done. So, what does Gnarly want to do this summer? Get some ideas with our Summer Bucket List for 2015.

Start the Seven Summits. The highest peak on each of the seven continents are collectively called the Seven Summits in the mountain climbing world. And mountaineering requires an amazing collection of both physical and mental skills to can have some very real applications in the everyday world – not just on a big, scary mountain. But taking those skills and using them to climb just one of the Seven Summits is an incredible accomplishment. Before we just tackle one of the biggest mountains in the world, though, it’s definitely a good idea to get some training.

Step up our Mud Run game. There are tons of mud runs out there – catering to different interests and skill levels. While everyone here at Gnarly has different abilities, everyone wants to try a more challenging experience than they did last year. These races are a perfect way to get some motivation toward improving all aspects of your fitness. Also: an excuse to play in the mud.

Try an Inflatable Race. As we’ve established, mud-soaked obstacle courses are awesome. But, so are bouncy castles. So, in an effort to combine obstacles and giant cushiony structures, the inflatable-based 5k was born. And seems pretty amazing. There are several different companies running this sort of race around the country, using slightly varied approaches – some of which involve watered-down course for extra mayhem. Either way, this take on the ever popular adventure race gives you all the fun of the mud run with much less actual mud. We’ll let you decide whether that’s a good thing or not.

Trapeze. This seems pretty self-explanatory: We want to try our collective hand at the trapeze. Several companies have appeared over the past few years that allow you to get some basic training and give this incredible feat a try – in a safe environment, of course. Not only is it just really cool to be able to say you did it, the trapeze is a real test of physical strength and courage.

Surfing. Okay, this one might seem pretty mundane to some of you but surfing – and actually standing up on a wave – is quite the accomplishment. Even if you’ve done it before. Summer is the perfect time to get out to the ocean and ride of few waves. This ancient sport requires a solid core and perfect balance, plus the willingness to just let the waves carry you. Overall, it’s a great way to spend some hot summer days, even if it’s not totally “new.”

Outdoor rock climbing. Again, this activity is a little tame for a bucket list but, actually being able to get outside and take your climb out a gym is a glorious summer-time treat.

Eli Kerr

Eli Kerr

My three greatest priorities in life currently are the following in order: 1) Being a father and co-parent to four beautiful and remarkable children. 2) Being a friend, lover, and support to my sweet partner, Hala. 3) Leading and managing the company that I helped start eight years ago called Gnarly Nutrition.

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