Whether it’s skiing and torn ACLs, climbing and ligament or pulley injuries, running and stress fractures, or simply facing burnout or a lack of motivation, we’ve all faced physical and mental roadblocks that set us back from doing what we love. But injuries or a lack of psych don’t have to stop us from performing at our best in the long run. Quite frankly, roadblocks are almost inevitable when we’re constantly pushing our bodies and minds to perform. 


So how do we manage obstacles to ensure we’re able to participate in our favorite activities for years to come? The answer lies in being mindful: by listening to our bodies and giving them what they need through proper nutrition, rest and recovery, and maintaining baseline health. 

We believe this topic of “Longevity in Sport” to be so vital to athletes everywhere that we’re setting aside the next few months to share ideas and information about preventing injuries, dealing with injuries if they happen, recovering as you age and recovery tips in general as well as establishing and maintaining baseline health and nutrition. And you won’t just hear this from Gnarly; our athletes and friends who are health and wellness professionals will share their personal stories and techniques for staying healthy and active in the long run.

Coinciding with this theme, we’re offering FREE clinics through Zoom by our athletes and health professionals relating to topics around Baseline health and Longevity.


Each clinic will take place at 4 p.m. MST on their scheduled day. Scroll down to view and learn about all the clinics. When you find one (or multiple) you’re interested in, simply click the “Sign Up” button to reserve your spot. After doing so, you’ll receive an email with the Zoom link and password. If you’re interested in the topic and conversation but you’re unavailable at 4 p.m., we’ll send a recording of the clinic to your email the following day. So still sign up even if you can’t make it! 

What participants had to say:

“Blake Cason is an energetic, get to the point, inspiring presenter. She helped me to recall some of the points I used to practice from Steven Covey’s books. I especially appreciated her emphasis on the benefits of a ritual and routine for starting my day. Also, she helped me to start to look at what I want to prioritize to accomplish my daily, weekly, monthly goals. I recommend this workshop highly.” -Denise R.


“Blake always has great insights and makes things easy to understand! A great reminder of ways to be more intentional with my day!” -Naomi F.


“This webinar got me to think about how some of the things that are working for me already could be applied to other aspects of my life where I need some help. Thank you, Blake!” -Theo M.


Blake Cason MS, Healthy Habit and Lifestyle Coach, is a smile-out-loud kind of woman.  A lot of joy and passion in a small package, she chases what inspires her in a big way.  Her coaching practice, Pivot Wellness, is a direct result of her love of climbing and she credits both for much of her real-deal life experience.  Blake’s approach to life coaching is equally weighted in evidence-based positive psychology and neuroscience while remaining client-driven and approachable.  Her favorite thing?  Listening to people talk about what they love.  Second favorite?  Morning snuggle-meditations with her pup, Barley.

What Participants had to say:

“I love Tyler’s scientific approach to training. For me, this presentation helped to connect some of the existing intuitive knowledge and build more fundamental understanding for training.”

-Yulia P.

“Super informative and lots of good wisdom from the training guru himself. I’ve seen many of those numbers applied more regularly in cycling where the movements are fewer and power more easily measured, but awesome to see climbing analytics up and coming and helping us athletes evolve!”

-Max M.

“Tyler was awesome. He is capable of bringing a complex subject into the realm of understanding. I feel that I can apply this.” -Francis N.

“Excellent presentation, concise and informative.” -Michael P.


Tyler is a second generation chiropractic physician who owns and operates Camp4 Human Performance (C4HP). In graduate school he completed a dual doctorate/masters degree in exercise science with an emphasis on tendon loading and rehabilitation. He completed his masters degree at the University of Missouri and was a physician for the athletics department for 4 years out of college. He currently works around the world managing clients via telehealth and in his office in Utah. He is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA and teaches conferences worldwide on a host of topics. He started rock climbing with a love for big wall adventures in Yosemite and Zion national Park. Due to family and work obligations he has focused on bouldering as his primary climbing discipline. 

What participants had to say:

“Carrie was great. Very practical advice for a variety of athletes and non-athletes!” 
-John D.
Dr. Carrie was awesome , very informative and explained everything very well. I really liked the clinic.” -Ralph T.
“She explained things very well, was very positive and upbeat.” -Tara B.


Dr. Carrie Cooper, DPT is a Sports Medicine Physical Therapist based in Salt Lake City, Utah. She founded Rev Physical Therapy in 2017 and works with recreational and professional athletes from a wide spectrum of sports. She has a strong interest in climbing-medicine research, as well as being an accomplished climber of 20-plus years with over 30 v10’s climbed since 2002. Her most recent, co-authored research paper entitled, “Mechanisms of Acute Knee Injuries in Bouldering and Sport Climbing Athletes.” American Journal of Sports Medicine 2020, has been well received internationally.

What participants had to say:

“Natasha is so knowledgeable and such a great teacher!” -Adrian Y.
“The presenter did a great job delivering the material. She was confident and owned the information.” -Joel M.
“Very knowledgeable, provided helpful tips and well cited research to support her advice.” -Nathan B.
“I liked all the science based studies and the inclusiveness of differently abled bodies. It was really awesome to have that included. Thank you for that.” -Sydney S.


Dr. Natasha Barnes has been climbing for 22 years and has been coaching climbers for 20. She is a doctor of chiropractic and a board-certified physiotherapist in California.

Natasha helps empower climbers to train smart and build resiliency through strength training and science-based programming. She also specializes in rehabilitation for climbers and has been helping climbers overcome injury for almost a decade. 

She is a former Bouldering National Champion and a gold medalist in the Teva Games (IFSC Vail World Cup) and has sent multiple V10 and V11s as well as 5.13d/14a’s outdoors. 

She is also a nationally ranked, competitive powerlifter. In 2019 she was Submasters National Powerlifting Champion with personal bests of a 320lb squat, 187lb bench press, and 385lb deadlift.

what participants had to say:

“Excellent, clear, and packed in so much info without overloading. Great job explaining complex things in Layman terms.” -Jack C.


“Extremely informative. I could tell the presenter knew her stuff and I was impressed. It was also great to see a woman of color doing the presentation. I wish she was in LA!” -Aida A.


“Piseth’s energy and experience with movement was highlighted when we connected the theory with the movement in the mat exercises.” -Forest A.


“I really loved how Piseth broke down the movements in their practical demonstrations. I’ve seen many of these stretches and foam rolls before, but never really understood how they connected to fascia and muscles. Understanding it now motivates me a lot more to actually set aside the time and do them.” -Lara R.


Gnarly athlete Piseth Sam is a personal trainer, licensed massage therapist, and therapeutic cupping practitioner who specializes in human structural integrity. Simply put, they look at how the body works as an entire, complete system. They’ve helped hundreds of clients not just improve their overall health and wellbeing, but navigate through acute and chronic injuries ranging in cause from extreme sports to extreme inactivity. Their goal is to empower their clients and educate all folks on how to take optimal care of the awesome vehicle that is the human body.

what participants had to say:

“Erin was super engaging. I liked how she interacted with the audience and encouraged us to try the exercises.” -Sophia B.


“Erin did a great job sharing exercises to address common causes of Ski/Snowboard related injuries.” -Evan K.


“She covered a lot in a short time and gave lots of suggestions for exercises to help me prep for the snowy season!” -Sydney S. 


Erin Storck EP-C has a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and is certified as an Exercise Physiologist through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine). When working with athletes, she loves seeing each individual become more in tune with their bodies. “It’s amazing how much you can gain when you are aware of your movements and the impact of the stressors you put on your body!”

Health and fitness have always been a major part of Erin’s life. In recent years, She has devoted much of her athletic pursuits to splitboarding and to trail and mountain racing while still making time for gym training, climbing, and adventuring. Erin has been personal training for over seven years and has experience in many settings such as rehab, general fitness, athletics, and special populations. She specializes in injury prevention, run-coaching, general fitness, climbing, ski/snowboard conditioning, and overall mountain fitness!

What participants had to say:

“I really enjoyed the demonstrations and the different ideas of bodyweight exercises. I’ve always been hesitant to go to the gym and definitely don’t work all the different planes. These are all things I can do at home without much equipment. I also appreciate the recommendation on where to fit it in your running schedule.” – Corinne F.


“I particularly appreciated his examples of the exercises and stretches- I had something else in mind when he said wall sit (I envisioned legs up the wall when laying on floor – completely different t)! I really liked his approach to this and openness to questions and interaction.” – Deb C.


Yes – love the high quality, road tested perspective! Thanks for the demos and for sharing so much of your personal routine. Nicely done and easy to follow.” -Andrea J.


Gnarly Athlete Mike McKnight completed his first ultra in 2013, and has done dozens since.  He specializes in longer distance, multi day events.  In 2019 he won each 200 miler in Destination Trail’s Triple Crown of 200s (three 200 mile races in two months).  This year he became the first person to run 100 miles without intaking any calories (18:39), as well as set a new FKT on the Colorado Trail.

What participants had to say:

“Thank you for leading us through today’s practice! The one leg balances down into a pistol squat were a lovely challenge that I’ll definitely practice more.” -JT P.


“I like the variations that were given more people like me who are not so flexible or have not been doing yoga for a long time. It felt a lot more approachable and not as intimidating.” -Justin T.


Dominique guided us through an amazing sequence. Her practice flowed so nicely – lots of fun strength and flexibility throughout. I could feel how she wove her climbing into the practice, and as someone who is always trying to improve mobility for the crag I am very grateful for it!” -Alex D.



Former gymnast, current yogi/climber and mother of two; Dominique has always had a passion for adventure. Early retirement from gymnastics led her to yoga 15 years ago. A cross country move from Santa Barbara to Atlanta paired with a desire for community sent her diving head first into rock climbing. She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia with a degree in Exercise Physiology and Nutrition and finished her 200HR yoga teacher training in Atlanta in 2018.  A self-proclaimed kinesiology nerd, she sequences her classes with a focus on building functional strength and mobility. She takes her practice and climbing seriously but not herself. Her children have taught her the importance of enjoying the present moment and following your heart.

What participants had to say:

“Preston’s organization of the content was done really and I appreciate how he provided a good mix of scientific literature and personal experience to provide that anecdotal evidence.” -Jeff T.


“Thanks to Gnarly and Preston for the wonderful information on strength training. Going to keep my hard days hard and the easy days easy!” -Kim J.


“Preston reassured me that the strength training I do is helpful for injury prevention when I run even though my running sometimes suffers for a short period of time as my body adapts to the increased demands & loads. Validated what I suspected that it is normal to have a little bit of diminished running performance as I lift heavier but that it will make my running better and more efficient in the long run.” -Jennifer M.


Very detailed, loved the exercise examples for specific sport injury prevention.” -Carla C.


Preston Johnson was a top ranked prospect in Track and Field coming out of high school. He endured four years of injuries while competing in college, which ultimately culminated in hip surgery. His surgeon gave him a 50/50 chance of ever competing at a high level again. Following surgery, he was able to revive his running career through his increased focus on strength training as a means of injury prevention. In 2019 he set four course records, and claimed nine overall victories out of 11 major races on the trails and roads. He continues to train in Utah in hopes of representing the United States at a global championship.

what participants had to say:

“Zack is clearly extremely knowledgeable. It was great to hear a very science-based approach to injury prevention and performance. There need to be more coaches out there that approach training like this.” -Remy O.


“I think that the pictures Zack included were really great and informative. It helped to see what he was talking about in terms of positioning and how that related to stresses placed on anatomical structures, it made a lot of sense.” -Monique M.


Great information on how to properly load tendons to keep them optimally strong & healthy.” -Jennifer M.


This was super informative. He explained everything very clearly and made the concepts/theories easy to understand.” -Genevive W. 


Zack has been practicing sports physical therapy since 2003, and climbing since 1998. He obtained his bachelors degree in Exercise Science at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill in 1998, and his Masters of Physical Therapy at University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 2003. He is a board-certified orthopedic and sports clinical specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association. After starting his career at Howard Head Sports Medicine in Vail, CO, he later worked at Stanford University Athletics with Division-I athletes from 36 different teams. He served as the lead therapist for the Stanford Football and Cross Country/Track and Field Teams for two years each. He has been working with professional and recreational climbers since 2008 and with the USA Climbing youth and adult teams since 2016. He serves as the USA Climbing National Team Physical Therapist and Medical Manager often traveling with the team to international competitions and to the 2021 Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Zack specializes in climbing, skiing, and running athletes with a focus on manual therapy, exercise-based programs and return-to-sport progressions. He has participated in a number of sports including martial arts, baseball, basketball, football, mountain biking, snowboarding, trail running and 22+ years of climbing. He is currently based out of Salt Lake City, UT.


what participants had to say:

“Even though I knew much of this info, I still got two pages of notes out of it. I also picked up a couple of new information tidbits. The Q&A part was great. Overall a wonderful presentation.” -Brian A.


This presentation made me rethink about the importance of carbs as they relate to sports performance & recovery and all the tidbits about timing of what to eat when, as it relates to when your workouts are, was very helpful.” -Jennifer M.


She was super thorough and managed the time of the course very well, even with a lot of material.” -Alex M.


Great information – I will be watching the presentation again and again. Thank you!” -Kim J.


Really appreciated learning about 1) fueling pre/post work out to maximize performance and strengthening, 2) how a low calorie approach to weight loss may in fact negatively impact performance and lean muscle ( I feel this intuitively, but it’s nice to see the data back it up).” -Katie S.


Corinna Coffin, M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian and fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for helping others lead healthier, happier lives through nutrition and lifestyle practices. A Virginia native, she attended Virginia Tech for undergraduate school where she received dual degrees in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise as well as Spanish. During her time there, she competed on the University’s club lacrosse and triathlon teams, as well as discovered CrossFit and obstacle course racing (OCR). Four months after her first competitive OCR, she placed second at the 2014 Spartan Race World Championship in Killington, Vermont, and signed her first pro-team contract shortly thereafter. Corinna spent the next 2.5 years (including her final semester of school) racing professionally all around the continent.


What participants had to say:

I appreciated the holistic approach that mixed performance data, scientific research and personal preference/needs. It made it a lot less intimidating!” -Nana H.


It was nice to have a nutritionist and a vegan athlete on the panel. It added a lot of valuable insight. Great job! Thanks!” -Joe K.


I liked hearing the many advantages of being a vegan athlete. I have been vegetarian and pescatarian for over 20 years, but recently attempting to stick more towards vegan. I absolutely feel better! I appreciated the specifics in this presentation around supplementing, calories, experience, the layout of their meals around workouts- well done! I think this is the best of the clinics I have attended- thank you!” -Kellie Z.


As a vegan athlete myself, I really appreciated this seminar!” -Devin V.


Trevor Fuchs is a plant-based trail and ultra runner based in Ogden, UT. Vegan for over 10 years, he considers his diet and running career to be mutually dependent. While he enjoys racing many distances on any terrain, his niche is in the mountainous 100 mile distance. When he’s not running around in the foothills or trying to keep up with his three kids, you’ll probably find him in the kitchen exploring one of the million ways to prepare a potato.

Ultrarunner, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist, Jesse has spent the last decade studying human disease and performance. Since graduating in 2016 with his Master’s degree in Nutrition, Jesse has worked with a wide array of people with different needs and goals. In 2018, Jesse began Forward Progressions LLC, a coaching company based on sports nutrition, strength training, and trail running. He continues to compete as an ultra runner winning races such as the Wasatch 100 miler.

What participants had to say:

“Thank you! That was way more than I was expecting to learn today about muscle and respiratory function, oxygen delivery, blood flow, healthy blood cells, etc. So inspiring an helpful!” -Katie S.


“As a scientist, it was helpful how Shannon presented evidence based reasoning for decisions about why Gnarly made their products a certain way. This gives me trust in the company and the products. Great job Dr. O’Grady.” -Neil O.


“Well presented, will be watching again. So much information, it was like drinking from a fire hose.” -Kim J.


“Very informative session at just the right level of good technicality for some who doesn’t have a Ph.D. in this discipline and a great presentation. Thank you.” -Aydin U.


“Excellent job communicating complicated subject matter!” -Devin V.


Shannon O’Grady has her Ph.D. in nutritional physiology from the University of Utah and is the Chief Operating/Product Officer at Gnarly Nutrition, a Salt Lake-based sports supplement company whose focus is to create clean, natural and effective supplements for active individuals.  A mother of two and a competitive athlete herself, Shannon is continuously looking at the crossroads between training and nutrition for insights on improving performance, reducing injury, and increasing longevity.

What registrants had to say:

“I’ve taken Terry’s 21 day Runner’s Mindset program, attended one of his training camps in Colorado and hold him in the highest regard. Highly recommend both! Tonight’s clinic was a great refresher, and who doesn’t love his soothing voice??? Great job T-Dawg!” -Robert S.


“Terry did a great job. I particularly liked the breathing and visualization exercise.” -Deb C.


Everything was SPECTACULAR!” Cynthia D. 


Terry is a 66 year old Brit that relocated to Estes Park, Colorado in 2006 to follow his dreams and start a business, Active at Altitude. He is an avid trail runner, endurance coach and mindset specialist, who leads women’s running camps and trail running camps in Colorado, and also organizes the US Trail Running Conference. He is the visionary behind activacuity, an app for runners that provides all the tools needed for a positive training program for the mind. Terry also created mindset programs for runners that have received rave reviews. Active at Altitude is the Official Training Partner for Vacation Races.

what participants had to say:

Awesome presentation that really explained well what fascia is and how lack of movement or variety can affect it. Hands on was great and I will definitely watch the video again to do this at home.” -Annabelle S.


This was an amazing presentation. You explained some very complicated concepts in a very understandable way. I learned so much! I enjoyed learning body work techniques I can do on myself and realized I need to find a very good body worker to work on me going forward!!” -Corinne F.


Jessa absolutely crushed it. So much helpful information distilled into a digestible format. I love that i’m walking away with a better idea of my fascial system and with a simple body practice that I can do for myself anytime.” -Melissa G.


Jessa clearly knows her stuff, the post presentation self work was unexpected and also very helpful. Looking up body works folks in my area this evening.” -Isaac B.


As an avid mountain athlete herself, Jessa is all about supporting athletes in reaching their goals while taking great care of their most important resource- their body.  Jessa co-founded Rock Steady Bodyworks at the base of the Wasatch Mountains in 2014 tailored to the active local mountain community, focused on generating optimal performance through deep tissue bodywork,yoga, and pilates. Jessa excels at creating exceptionally well aligned, aware, and connected bodies that move better and go further, faster, with less pain and strain. Jessa firmly believes that bodies are built for a lifetime of movement and that bodywork is key to sustaining high performance across time.


Jessa’s educational background is wide-ranging and diverse.  She completed her Bachelor’s degree on the East Coast and then, after a few years of consulting in D.C., moved West and never looked back.  She has extensive yoga training having spent over 15 years studying with renowned instructors from the Baptiste Institute and Chopra Center.  She has developed international trainings for Lululemon, created and taught her own Yoga, Pilates, and Bodywork trainings, and has worked with the Wanderlust Festival, Ski Magazine, and Yoga Journal. 

what participants had to say:

Jason inspires me as a mountain athlete and I enjoyed hearing how he has crafted his ability to perform at a high level on huge objectives.” -Forest A.


Definitely appreciate the wealth of knowledge and enjoy the perspective of how a broad range of activities/sports can contribute to performance in one’s “main” sport. Thanks Jason!
Cheers, Dan” -Dan S.


Jason is always open in answering questions and his outdoor knowledge and background is evident.” -Jeff W.


I liked how Jason said he started running and doing endurance training to test how he handled refueling while out on long adventures. I personally started re-incorporating running over just resistance training for the first time in years because I want to get more into mountain sports, including trail running, rock climbing and wanted to increase endurance and speed in the mountains. As a nutrition specialist/fitness coach I know how important proper fueling can be but didn’t really think about how my body might handle refueling high amounts of food over long hours especially while running. Something I’m sure I will learn more with longer races/outings in the future.” -Robert G.


Jason Antin, a native of New England who now calls Colorado home, focuses all of his time striving to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. Professionally, Jason wears a variety of hats all focused on helping others achieve their goals in the outdoors. Jason works as a professional climbing guide for Alpenglow Mountain Guides and The Colorado Mountain school, and as a strength and conditioning coach at The Alpine Training Center in Boulder, CO where he prepares his athletes for the physical and mental rigors of the mountains. Additionally, Jason enjoys creative storytelling of weekend adventure through the Beat Monday project.


Some of Jason’s most memorable mountain exploits include summiting Denali twice in a week, once via a single-push of the Cassin Ridge.  Climbing the Nose In A Day during his first time on El Cap, or combining endurance & alpine skills to create incredible adventures like the “Orizaba Rodeo” or the Rainier Infinity Loop.


Off the clock, Jason shares his home in Golden, CO with his wife Jenny and 2 little girls Avery and Andora. He enjoys moving quickly in the mountains over all mediums that mother nature shares with us whether that be trails, rock, ice or snow.

What participants had to say:

“This was very helpful. I’m a 55 year old man who had a second degree mcl tear with a tibial plateau fracture and the movements are helpful.” – Patrick C.


Thank you for all the demonstrations and illustrations, really helped understand the concept and I was pretty amazed at how non mobile I am compared to Ben. Long way to go!” -Anna


Enjoyed the demonstrations and the invite to participate/follow along. The simplicity of using a whiteboard to record key points. Ben gave an impression of being genuine. This alone makes we want to give it a try.” -Hal N.


Really appreciate Ben’s thoughts and recommendations around maintaining joint mobility and athleticism. Though I’m still in my “peak” age, some of the joint injuries and general ROM issues I’ve had for a long time now make a lot more sense and I have a much better idea of how to add new interventions to my existing training programs.” -Brett T.


Great info presented in a really useable way! I am appreciative & look forward to getting the routine. THANK YOU!!!!!” -Kellie Z.



Ben Van Treese is a personal trainer who specializes in developing mobility, muscle control, and longevity in athletes. In Park City, Utah, Ben offers a rare science-based approach to personal training. Over the past decade, Ben has served everyone from Olympians, NBA, NHL, and NCAA players to high school athletes, weekend warriors, and mountain chargers who never let ‘age’ get in the way of adventure. Specifically, Ben helps athletes restore joint health, expand active range of motion, and increase end-range strength. His approach improves athletic performance and significantly reduces the probability and severity of injuries. Over the years, Ben has specialized in personal training for the ageless athlete. People 30 – 80 years old that still want to get after it but their bodies don’t cooperate. He can help you change this. He strives to offer the best private fitness programs by taking a rigorous approach to recovery, injury prevention, and technique. Off the Mountain in Park City, Ben’s flagship training program for ageless athletes, has helped many people enjoy the mountain lifestyle while feeling pain-free and confident. Ben grew up in a family of professional water skiers. His mother, a national champion several times over, raised Ben around elite coaches. This upbringing fueled Ben’s interest in the human form and how training can shape the body for performance. Ben earned a BS in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Ohio State University. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When Ben isn’t training athletes in Park City, UT, you’ll find him rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking in Utah’s outdoor paradise.



It was great. She presented a balanced set of exercises and provided good tips on how to make them easier/harder so that they could be applicable to most levels of athletes. Many of the exercises she demonstrated were part of my routine already, but I learned a couple of new ones I am excited to try!” – Christopher T.


She presented a lot of really useful exercises.” -Christian T.


Great demonstration and loved how she did the exercises with us. I will definitely incorporate some of these into my tabata routines.” -Geoffrey T.



Joslynn is a strength coach based out of Boulder, Colorado. She has worked with professional athletes from a wide variety of sports as well as recreational athletes.  She primarily works with outdoor athletes that want to push their sport while maintaining a well-rounded strength routine.


“This was very informative. The timing information about when to eat certain foods/types of foods was helpful.” -Deb C.


Caitlin did a great job explaining her points, very informative.” -Eric M.


Caitlin is a functional sports nutritionist who specializes in climbing nutrition. She works with climbers to develop effective nutrition plans for long-term health and performance. She believes that nutrition is the missing puzzle piece for athletes that plays a major role in achieving goals, preventing injuries, and supporting the body to continue climbing for years to come!

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