Gnarly nutrition clinics

We’re proud to work with our athletes and various health professionals to host e-clinics through Zoom. These clinics are designed to further your nutrition, fitness and wellness knowledge, with the goal of making you a more well-rounded and holistically healthy active individual. 

Intuition clinics

Trendy diets and consumer beliefs about what’s “healthy” are constantly evolving. New “guidelines” on how to live a healthy life frequently surface, and they usually contradict the previous philosophy. Navigating the never-ending road of information and finding trustworthy resources can be incredibly difficult. 


But these truths remain a constant: Consuming whole foods, getting regular exercise and adequate sleep, and creating a time and space for reflection and human connection are a recipe for a well-rounded lifestyle.


Throughout February and March, will not suggest rigid restrictions on what you can and cannot eat, nor will we give you a one-size-fits-all performance program. Instead, we’re going to encourage you to listen to and trust the signals that your body and mind send throughout the day so you can pursue lifestyle choices that make sense for you, and only you.


Scroll down to read up on each clinic. All clinics will take place from 4 – 5 p.m. MST on their respective day. If you’re interested in a topic but you’re not free on that day or time, sign up anyway! We’ll send all registrants a recording of the clinic the next morning, so you can watch at your own convenience if you cannot make the original time.  Sign up for one, or all of ’em, it’s totally up to you! 

Managing Weight, Body Image And Performance, hosted by Brianna Boney - completed

what participants had to say:

Appreciate the Client Stories to illustrate some of your points – definitely helps
personalize the info a bit more! (especially since more than one of your clients were
women in their 40s – yay middle age!) : )” -Andrea J.


As someone who does not currently track or know about nutrition timing, protein and carb intake, or how to change body composition – I’ve learned a lot of new things to research and consider to help me meet my goals. I am also a competitive mountain biker, rock on! Thanks for talking with us.” -Jess G.


Loved it! Love what she shared, and also her energy and passion for the subject.” -Emily M.


This was a great conversation. So many takeaways from an athlete who has struggled a lot  with underfueling and comparison in the past. Thank you!!” -Corinne F.


Super welcoming and well-versed in tackling tricky body-weight/health topics.” -Zachary M. 

About the host

After graduating with her BS in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching and receiving her National Board Certification, Brianna started GnarlyGirl Fitness & Wellness LLC in 2020. She helps female athletes build strong relationships with food, body image, and movement through habit change, sound nutrition, and smart training. She has over 6 years of experience as a NASM certified personal trainer and is also NASM certified as a nutrition coach. Brianna has had the pleasure of working with a large range of mountain athletes, from professionals in their sport to beginners. Brianna enjoys racing mountain bikes competitively, rock climbing, lifting, and eating donuts.

Intuitive eating: Building a balanced relationship with food, hosted by Blake Cason - completed

what particiapnts had to say:

“This is a potentially difficult topic, and Blake handled it so well, and engaged the audience immediately and helped me, at least, feel comfortable.”


“I enjoy listening to podcasts but having a clinic to tune into where you feel involved in the conversation is such a game changer. That kind of connection is what leads to growth and “Aha” moments in the groups. Great job Blake and thank you Gnarly for providing the space.”


“Blake was fantastic! Loved the interactive element and hearing (reading) about other people’s experiences.”


“Blake was knowledgeable, engaging and welcoming. I felt connected the entire 60 minutes..WOW!!!”


“Blakes positive attitude is SO infectious. I feel so much better after attending.”

About the host

Blake Cason MS, Healthy Habit and Lifestyle Coach, is a smile-out-loud kind of woman. A lot of joy and passion in a small package, she chases what inspires her in a big way. Her coaching practice, Pivot Wellness, is a direct result of her love of climbing and she credits both for much of her real-deal life experience. Blake’s approach to life coaching is equally weighted in evidence-based positive psychology and neuroscience while remaining client-driven and approachable. Her favorite thing? Listening to people talk about what they love. Second favorite? Morning snuggle-meditations with her pup, Barley.

How to ride the line between performance and peril, hosted by jesse rich - Friday, March 5

About the clinic

Knowing what weight is best for you and your performance isn’t a simple equation. First, you have to tap into your intuition, then you have to use science to make sure your intuition is leading you down the right path.


In this presentation, Jesse will be going over RED-S, overtraining syndrome, blood biomarkers relevant to this topic and more to make sure you have the tools to perform at your highest level without compromise.  

About the host

Ultrarunner, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Gnarly athlete Jesse Rich has spent the last decade studying human disease and performance. Since graduating in 2016 with his Master’s degree in Nutrition, Jesse has worked with a wide array of people with different needs and goals. In 2018, Jesse began Forward Progressions LLC, a coaching company based on sports nutrition, strength training, and trail running. He continues to compete as an ultra runner winning races such as the Wasatch 100 miler.

Timing Nutrition with Training, performance and recovery, hosted by michelle meinking - wednesday, march 10

About the clinic

Learn how to take your training and performance to the next level through nutrient timing.


In this clinic, Michelle will discuss how to fuel your body in order to prepare, perform and recover properly. Learn what foods to focus on before, during and after training to enhance performance, optimize training adaptations, and recover for your next training session.  

About the host

Michelle is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who received her Master’s in Nutrition and Bachelor’s in Exercise Sports Science.
Michelle is currently the Sports Performance Dietitian for Real Salt Lake, the Major League Soccer team in Utah. Michelle enjoys climbing, hiking, trail running, acrobatics, & strength training. She moved to Salt Lake City over four years ago and fell in love with the mountains and all they have to offer.
Learn more about Michelle at or find her on IG: @michelle.meinking and @m.m_nutrition

Nutrition for women panel discussion, hosted by Shannon O' Grady, PhD, Caitlin Holmes, hayden james & gnarly athlete corinna coffin - Friday, march 19

About the clinic

Join this all-women panel as the hosts discuss women-specific nutrition and performance, covering topics like how hormonal cycles and age affect training, performance and nutrition needs. 

About the hosts

Shannon O’Grady has her Ph.D. in nutritional physiology from the University of Utah and is the Chief Operating/Product Officer at Gnarly Nutrition, a Salt Lake-based sports supplement company whose focus is to create clean, natural and effective supplements for active individuals. A mother of two and a competitive athlete herself, Shannon is continuously looking at the crossroads between training and nutrition for insights on improving performance, reducing injury, and increasing longevity.


Corinna Coffin, M.S., R.D., is a registered dietitian and fitness enthusiast with a strong passion for helping others lead healthier, happier lives through nutrition and lifestyle practices. A Virginia native, she attended Virginia Tech for undergraduate school where she received dual degrees in Human Nutrition, Foods and Exercise as well as Spanish. During her time there, she competed on the University’s club lacrosse and triathlon teams, as well as discovered CrossFit and obstacle course racing (OCR). Corinna has spent years racing professionally on the Spartan Race circuit all around the continent. 


Caitlin Holmes, M.S., received her Masters degree in Human Nutrition & Functional Medicine from the University of Western States. After graduating, she started her nutrition coaching business, Caitlin Holmes Nutrition, LLC, where she primarily works with climbers and outdoor
enthusiasts to develop effective nutrition plans for long-term health and performance. She believes that nutrition is a powerful tool for athletes and that eating well plays a major role in achieving goals, preventing injuries, and supporting the body to continue performing for years to come!


Hayden is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, runner, climber, and skier living in Salt Lake City. She owns Satiate Nutrition LLC, a sports nutrition and wellness company and social media platform. Through one-on-one coaching, Hayden helps clients feel empowered about fueling their sweaty endeavors and living well. Learn more at and find her on Instagram @satiatenutrition.

how we eat is a reflection of how we live: Mindful Eating Strategies for a healthier life, hosted by Erin Butler - wednesday, march 24

About the clinic

Our fast-paced lives have severed our connection with food, leading us to forget how and why we eat. We continue to develop labels of “good” and “bad” foods without breaking down the internal attachment.


In this clinic, Erin will question our relationship with food, begin to implement some healthy strategies and learn some meal planning tips that will support your mindful eating journey. 

About the host

Erin Butler is a proud lifelong resident of Utah. Her engagement with the diverse, exercise and outdoor sports communities in Salt Lake City has become a defining aspect for her life.


Erin is a Certified Nutrition Therapist, certified NCI level 1, a personal trainer, and is currently getting her diploma in sports specific nutrition. Nutrition and exercise are ever-evolving and Erin’s ear is always to the ground. Bio-individuality and personalized training programs drive her custom services with the understanding that there’s no one size fits all program. Erin loves the work she does that fine-tunes the balance between both body and mind.


Find her at and on IG @erin.m.butler

how recovery drives performance, hosted by ben van treese - Tuesday, March 30

About the clinic

Learn how to manage overall stress on your system in a manner that drives high performance. Learning to manage stress on your system is critical to optimizing health, training, and sport. You can expect to leave this discussion with new tools in your toolbox to help you make the better decisions around optimal recovery and performance.

About the host

Ben Van Treese is a personal trainer who specializes in developing mobility, muscle control, and longevity in athletes. In Park City, Utah, Ben offers a rare science-based approach to personal training through “Off the Mountain,” his flagship training program for ageless athletes. 


Over the past decade, Ben has served everyone from Olympians, NBA, NHL, and NCAA players to high school athletes, weekend warriors, and mountain chargers who never let ‘age’ get in the way of adventure. Specifically, Ben helps athletes restore joint health, expand active range of motion, and increase end-range strength. His approach improves athletic performance and significantly reduces the probability and severity of injuries.


Ben earned a BS in Human Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Ohio State University. He is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS®) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. When Ben isn’t training athletes in Park City, UT, you’ll find him rock climbing, mountain biking, and hiking in Utah’s outdoor paradise.