Autographed Poster of Kyra Condie


Kyra started climbing when she was 11 years old at Vertical Endeavors in St. Paul, MN. After she fell in love with the sport of climbing, she discovered that she had severe, idiopathic scoliosis. On March 12, 2010 she had a spinal fusion surgery to correct her 70 degree curvature. With ten vertebrae fused, she is now one of the top climbers in the world. She has secured a spot to compete in Tokyo in 2021 among the world’s greatest climbers. Having never been to Moe’s Valley, this line inspired me. Really cool compression and powerful movement. Going to go back and send during cooler temps for sure.” – Kyra Condie Image of Kyra working through “Crusaders of Justice” (v12) in Moe’s Valley, Utah 2019. This signed poster is 12″x18″ and personally signed by Kyra in preparation for the 2020 (and now the 2021) Olympic Games.
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