Casein vs. Whey: Which One is Better for Your Needs?

Among the many protein sources available in supplements, there are two that are consistently in the lead: whey and casein. Claims abound about the benefits – and superiority – of each but, ultimately, it depends on what you’re looking for. What should you consider when looking at a protein powder? In the debate between casein […]

Losing Weight Isn’t Going to Improve Your Strength-to-Weight Ratio

If you’re an athlete whose performance depends on body weight, then you probably believe that your body weight—and particularly your fat—is a significant factor in your performance. After all, you have to carry all that weight, and no matter how strong you are that weight will still influence your strength-to-weight ratio, right? Well, yes and […]

7 Secrets to Healthy Shopping

For so many reasons, shopping can be an ordeal. For one thing, you’re probably trying to save money – fully conscious that the store is working against you in this regard. But, of course, you’re also trying to make decisions that will contribute to the health of you and your family. While “healthy eating” means […]

How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?

Whether you’re trying to lose or gain weight, calories are key to the whole equation. Calories are, in essence, a measure of the energy found in food. When you eat fewer calories than you need, your body starts to burn up some of the fat it has stashed away for fuel – and weight loss […]

5 Tips for Making a Healthy Smoothie

Loaded with fruits, vegetables and all manner of healthy-looking foods, smoothies just seem like the perfect option for a fast, convenient meal. The problem is that store-bought smoothies can be loaded with excess calories from added sugar and a number of not-so-great additives. A much better option is to take the few extra minutes to […]

Gnarly Vanilla Cinnamon Snickerdoodles

Delicious fluffy vanilla, cinnamon clouds of goodness. That’s what it is like to eat these snickerdoodles made with our Gnarly Whey Vicious Vanilla. Make a warm batch for yourself and let us know what you think! Oh and don’t feel guilty, you’re just getting your protein a more delicious way today! Ingredients: 1 cup (2 […]

25 Best Post-Workout Foods

You’ve just killed it in the gym – congratulations. But… now what? In truth, it’s at this point that all that hard work actually starts to do something. The reality is that your body does not get leaner or faster or stronger during your workouts. These changes happen at this point, after your workout, in […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Be Eating Clean

If you’ve been around the health and fitness community for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly encountered the term “clean eating.” While, like other terms like “healthy” and “natural,” this phrase can be a little vague in meaning, all clean eating protocols share the same basic principles. Essentially, clean eaters try to stick to […]

Chunky Monkey with Gnarly Vegan Chiseled Chocolate

Creamy and Delicious Chunky Monkey with Gnarly Vegan Chiseled Chocolate! Perfect for all you Vegans out there looking for a protein-packed and filling treat! Blend it up and enjoy! Ingredients: 1 medium banana 1 tablespoon peanut butter 8 oz coconut water 1 scoop Gnarly chocolate protein powder ½ cup ice cubes Please let us know […]

The Top 10 Nutrients You Aren’t Getting Enough Of

As an athlete – and just all-around awesome person – you understand the importance of nutrition in your routine. No amount of exercise will fill the gaps in a poorly designed diet. According to the newest draft of the much-anticipated 2015 Dietary Guidelines for All Americans and several other scientific inquiries into the topic, however, […]

Toning vs. Bulking Up: The 5 Most Common Myths

The health and fitness realm is loaded with all sorts of myths – some are just confusing and counterproductive while others can be legitimately dangerous. To help clear things up, let’s focus on two of the most common fitness goals – toning and bulking – and the myths surrounding them. Spot training – Sometimes called […]

7 Tips to Keeping the Weight Off

While you may not what to hear this, it’s an important truth: Dieting is risky business. In fact, many sources as much as 80 percent of people who lose weight on a diet gain it (plus more) back after just two years. How can you lose weight and keep it off it avoid adding to […]

The Truth About Antioxidants and How They Work

The health and fitness world is fueled by buzzwords; Words or phrases that immediately make us believe that a food is infinitely better for us, or even required for us to live healthy lives. Beginning with research in the 1990s, antioxidants entered the public consciousness and were instantly hailed as nutritional and biological heroes. But, […]

Gnarly’s Summer Bucket List – 2015

These days, everybody’s got at least one bucket list – even Gnarly. And summer is the time to get junk done. So, what does Gnarly want to do this summer? Get some ideas with our Summer Bucket List for 2015. Start the Seven Summits. The highest peak on each of the seven continents are collectively […]

5 Ways To Stay In Shape On Vacation

A few weeks ago, we gave you a few tips on maintaining a healthy diet while on vacation. In keeping with Gnarly’s efforts to help you stay active, healthy and awesome regardless of where you are,  we’re going to look at another aspect of vacationing: Activity. Depending on your vacationing style and destination, it can […]

The 10 Most Gnarly Adventures

There are plenty of so-called “classic” vacations destinations that people immediately think of when they start planning their travels. Unfortunately, most of these are actually pretty… well, boring. For many, a vacation is a time of idleness, inactivity and even a break from any healthy lifestyle habits you may have developed. But you aren’t like […]

3 Tips for Exercising in the Heat

People naturally just want to get outside during the summer. It’s warm (or hot), the sun is out and we tend to have more time off. It’s perfect. But that glorious temperature could also make it difficult – or even dangerous – to stay active outside. So, to keep you safely moving in the wonderous […]

Five Benefits of Yoga You May Not Know About

Yoga is good for you; You’ve heard that before. The 5,000 year old form of exercise has persisted for so long because it works – for both mind and body. But there are several things that yoga has been proven – scientifically – to do that many people are unaware of. Let’s take a look […]

Cardio Showdown: Steady-State vs. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Even though it’s lost some popularity in the fitness world recently, cardio is important. As it’s full name – “cardiovascular”- suggests, cardio focuses on your heart. And your heart is pretty key to your overall… being alive. Another – less common – term for cardio, however, is cardiopulminary training which also highlights the involvement of […]

10 Ways to Eat Healthy on Vacation

There’s a pretty strange relationship between fitness and vacationing. People tend to workout with the goal of transforming themselves for their vacation. But, there’s a problem with this: Most of the time, that healthy diet you’ve been sticking to for months falls apart as soon as you enter vacation mode. So, let’s get to the […]