K/Rail and The Lean Berets: Avengers of Health!

I had the chance to spend some quality kettlebell time with Kevin Rail of The Lean Berets this weekend. This guy eats, sleeps, and lives by his belief in truly treating the body like a temple. He’s also not one to be shy with his opinion on common foods found in the grocery aisles that may try to trick you into thinking they’re healthy

Elevated CrossFit Summer Games Recap

The second annual Elevated CrossFit Summer Games took place over this past weekend, July 19th-20th, 2013 at Timpanogos Harley Davidson in Lindon, Utah.

Recon’s Jet Sunglasses

If you have an extra $1,500 to spend on sunglasses, you might want to think about Recon’s new Jet. These glasses will not only protect your eyes from the sun, but they’ll give you a host of stats and info projected neatly onto the lense –without obstructing your field of view.

Motivated By Music

Gnarly adventurers, in honor of Friday and the beautiful summer weekend we have before us, I thought I’d share a few of my recent and all time favorite songs to get out and do my thing. Obviously this could never be considered a comprehensive list, but I’ve done my best. You can find this playlist on Spotify as well. Link in the post.

Anybody Watching The Tour

10 years ago, I was in love with the Tour de France. I was obsessed with cycling. I raced my bike weekly at local criterium races, I commuted to and from work on my bike, I spent weekends in the saddle with all my racing friends…

Hey Crossfit Groupies

thought this post was pretty amusing from Josh Bobrowsky over at Integrated Fitness Crossfit. The title kinda says it all, “Don’t be a CrossFit A$#hole: 6 Tips to Be a Good CrossFitter.”

Getting Over Getting Up

One of the hardest aspects of trying to stay healthy and fit is finding the time to do it. For a lot of us, that means we need to get our exercise in before the rest of the day begins to swallow up our time. Which means, more often than not, we’re up at the crack of dawn. Here’s a few tips to make getting up a little easier

Foam Rolling

Foam rolling has become very popular with all types of athletes because of how well it imitates a good deep tissue massage for much, much less -plus you can do it yourself at home.