How To Beat Your Sugar Addiction

It’s pretty common knowledge these days that people in general are eating just way too much sugar. Of course, there’s sugar that shows up naturally in certain foods like fruits – but that’s not the issue here. The real problem is added sugar, which we either pile on ourselves or is packed in to processed […]

What To Eat Before and After a Workout

When it comes to fitness, you probably won’t be at all surprised to hear that nutrition is a pretty big deal. Not only can a bad diet totally undo all of the good that you do in the gym, it can hold you back from performing your best. What you eat not only fuels your […]

Gnarly Nutrition’s All-Natural Supplements Now Sold In Utah’s Whole Foods Stores

As of May of 2014, Gnarly Nutrition is now found in all 5 Whole Foods stores throughout Utah. Whole Foods Market and Gnarly Nutrition have the same passion for providing people with the highest quality ingredients, and, have, therefore, partnered to make the Gnarly brand more accessible to Whole Foods customers. As a premier natural […]

The Benefits of Prebiotics and Probiotics

There is no easy way to say this so we’ll just get it out there: You are swarming with bacteria. In fact, some experts estimate that for every one of your own cells dwelling in your body, there are at least 10 microorganisms swimming around. This also means that every single human gene you carry […]

Which Gnarly Products Are Right For You?

Selecting a supplement – or stack of products – can be a daunting task at first. Don’t worry, though. We’re here to help. To a very large extent, your goals will determine which types of supplements you will find most useful. It is true, however, that there will be some overlap; Certain supplements can be […]

Gnarly Nutrition Uses New Zealand, Grass-fed Cows for Their Gnarly Whey Protein Powder

Gnarly Nutrition is taking a revolutionary approach when it comes to making sports supplements. It is Gnarly’s goal to create supplements with only the best, all-natural ingredients that allow the human body to push boundaries and achieve more than ever before. This company has formulated a complete sports nutrition line that they guarantee contains no […]

What’s In Each Tub of Gnarly Whey?

Buying supplements these days is a tricky business. For several years now, consumers have been cautioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that supplements do not always contain what the label promises. Many products have been pulled off the shelves for this very violation. In an effort to increase consumer awareness, the FDA has […]

Whey Protein Pancakes Recipe

You thought protein powder was just something you gulped down post workout to feed those muscles? Here’s a great basic recipe for some delicious Gnarly Whey protein pancakes. Enjoy!

Why Is Fiber So Important? Part II

Here are some more health benefits of fiber, some of the differences you’ll find in qualities of fiber and how you can include more of it in your diet.

Why Is Fiber So Important? Part 1

Today we’re going to give you a basic idea of why fiber is so important, the differences you’ll find in qualities of fiber and how you can include more of it in your diet.

Do I Exercise If I’m Sick?

You’re an athlete, and you’re sick. You’re in the odd spot where you want to take control of your body back from whatever virus or bug and show it who’s in charge; who owns their own destiny –you. But you also run the risk of making yourself sicker. And that’s why today we’re going to talk about a few ways to know if it’s a good idea to exercise if you’re sick.

Our Responsibility As A Nutrition Company That Blogs

Our original article about the release of aspartame’s manufacturing patent into the public domain and the strong responses we’ve received from it has taught us that we need to be careful with how we present information.

Misconception of Carbs Part 2

Today we’re going to focus on how common misconceptions about carbs and a low-carb diets can easily keep you confused and weary of keeping good carbohydrates in your day to day diet.

Misconception of Carbs Part 1

We need to set the record straight on a few things that have been said about carbohydrates that don’t necessarily do them justice. Part I focuses on the two basic types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.

How To Dress For The Cold

Here are some tips and tricks from the standard issue Gnarly Field Manual on how to dress for the frigid temps ahead.

How To Read A Nutrition Label

Here are some basic things to understand about nutrition labels as well as a few “tricks” that some manufacturers use when listing ingredients.

CrossFit Talks About Beauty

CrossFit just released a video that talks about how crossfitters like to define the beauty found in their sport.