5 Tips for Choosing a Protein Powder

Protein powder – particularly the fast-absorbing whey – has quickly become a standard feature in the athlete’s arsenal. In fact, due to the dietary importance of protein, many people do not even consider protein powder a supplement anymore; it’s now generally seen as a “food item.” And, frankly, this is for very good reason. A […]

Is Your Beer Paleo?

We do not live in the Paleolithic Era. Sorry to shock you like that, but it’s pretty important that we’re clear on that. Why? Because understanding that (hopefully) obvious fact presents a fairly complex problem for practitioners of the Paleo diet – an eating style that seeks to mimic the diet of our Paleolithic ancestors. […]

What is Paleo and Why Should I Care?

Spend any amount of time reading up on health and you will be inundated with buzzwords. Among the most recent crop circulating the fitness realm is “paleo” – short for Paleolithic Diet. While there’s a lot of bickering among paleo proponents about what exactly fits into the popular eating style, the core ideas remain the same. Let’s take […]

Gnarly Nutrition Gearing To Launch Its Brand New Website For 2015

GoGnarly.com Consists of a Sleek Design, Full Athlete Profiles, Complete Supplement Facts, and Online Store. Gnarly Nutrition is an all-natural sports supplement line that is all about providing individuals with the fuel and nutrition they need to push possibilities, shed excuses, and crush limits. By using high quality and clean ingredients, Gnarly Nutrition has created […]

Myths and Advantages of Creatine

Looking to step up your workout routine and checking out the different supplements available? If so, you aren’t alone. As many people progress and gain that base level of fitness, they start to wonder what else they could accomplish.

Best Post Workout Meal: How to Jump Start Your Recovery

Just finished an intense workout session in the gym? If so, you should be prepping a solid post workout meal.  The foods you choose to eat during this post-workout period are essentially the tools your body is going to utilize to rebuild the body back from its broken down state.

Whey Protein Pancakes Recipe

You thought protein powder was just something you gulped down post workout to feed those muscles? Here’s a great basic recipe for some delicious Gnarly Whey protein pancakes. Enjoy!

Why Is Fiber So Important? Part II

Here are some more health benefits of fiber, some of the differences you’ll find in qualities of fiber and how you can include more of it in your diet.

Why Is Fiber So Important? Part 1

Today we’re going to give you a basic idea of why fiber is so important, the differences you’ll find in qualities of fiber and how you can include more of it in your diet.

Misconception of Carbs Part 2

Today we’re going to focus on how common misconceptions about carbs and a low-carb diets can easily keep you confused and weary of keeping good carbohydrates in your day to day diet.

Misconception of Carbs Part 1

We need to set the record straight on a few things that have been said about carbohydrates that don’t necessarily do them justice. Part I focuses on the two basic types of carbohydrates: simple and complex.

How To Read A Nutrition Label

Here are some basic things to understand about nutrition labels as well as a few “tricks” that some manufacturers use when listing ingredients.

What’s better: Kale or Broccoli?

a debate came up the other morning as I was preparing my post crossfit/run recovery smoothie with some Gnarly Whey and Kale. A coworker was telling me that broccoli is a bigger superfood than kale. Let’s do some investigating and see what we find.

10 Terrible Foods For Athletes

Here’s a great article from Outside magazine that talks about 10 foods that athletes should avoid. And make sure you read Outside’s article on the 9 best foods for athletes too. Both links in the blog.

Gnarly Nutrition’s Sports Supplements Now Sold at Good Earth

The recent partnership between Gnarly Nutrition and Good Earth Natural Foods will make Gnarly Nutrition products available for retail sale in all of Good Earth’s stores along the Wasatch front. Not only will Gnarly Nutrition benefit from having a trusted retailer launching their products into the local market, but Good Earth is also known for […]

Focus and Determination by Mayan Smith-Gobat

Here’s our Gnarly athlete, Mayan Smith-Gobat’s latest update from her blog, http://www.mayanclimbs.com/. Read it! It’s a great way to get motivated to put some adventure in your life. Thanks, Mayan!