Gnarly Nutrition Gearing To Launch Its Brand New Website For 2015 Consists of a Sleek Design, Full Athlete Profiles, Complete Supplement Facts, and Online Store. Gnarly Nutrition is an all-natural sports supplement line that is all about providing individuals with the fuel and nutrition they need to push possibilities, shed excuses, and crush limits. By using high quality and clean ingredients, Gnarly Nutrition has created […]

Whey Protein Pancakes Recipe

You thought protein powder was just something you gulped down post workout to feed those muscles? Here’s a great basic recipe for some delicious Gnarly Whey protein pancakes. Enjoy!

Why Is Fiber So Important? Part 1

Today we’re going to give you a basic idea of why fiber is so important, the differences you’ll find in qualities of fiber and how you can include more of it in your diet.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Today I thought I’d throw out a few tips on how to avoid that holiday weight gain that plagues even the best and gnarliest of us.

5 Winter Sports To Try

Today I thought I’d take some space talking about a few good activities that can keep you active during the winter. Why? because we’re all in this season together. And it’s a great time to try out some new sports.

Our Responsibility As A Nutrition Company That Blogs

Our original article about the release of aspartame’s manufacturing patent into the public domain and the strong responses we’ve received from it has taught us that we need to be careful with how we present information.

How To Read A Nutrition Label

Here are some basic things to understand about nutrition labels as well as a few “tricks” that some manufacturers use when listing ingredients.

Tips On Eating Right For New Endurance Athletes Trying To Lose Weight Pt 1

A common problem for new endurance athletes -especially ones that are trying to lose weight as well – is not getting enough fuel. Today and tomorrow we’re going to talk about why taking the time to figure out your calories and starting to look at the nutritional efficiency (the density) of what you’re eating is so important, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. Let’s get started!

The Link Between Germs and Alzheimer’s

Turns out people in countries that are cleaner and generally more hygienic are actually are at a 9% higher risk for developing Alzheimer’s. So what does this have to do with our New Zealand whey?

How to set up a transition area for your next triathlon

Never done a tri before? Nervous as all get up that you’ll stumble into the transition area and lose valuable seconds if not minutes trying to get socks on wet feet or getting your bike helmet on without tripping over your bike? Well have we got a treat for you! Here’s a quick, no bull how to on how to set up your transition area so that you can move from swim to bike to run like a pro.

CrossFit’s “Hotshots 19” Memorial WOD Recap

What an unbelievably tight community Prescott, Arizona and Captain Crossfit are lucky enough to be a part of. Heading into Prescott, I had no idea what to expect. I didn’t know how reverent and excited everyone would be to show their love for the event and the firefighters.

A Tale of Two Worlds

Today’s blog comes from Craig Lloyd whose love for ultrarunning runs deep. Craig writes a blog, refuse2quit, which is filled with his musings and adventures -It’s a pretty damn decent read.

New Cadence App For Runners

There’s a new iPhone app that will automatically adjust the speed of your music to fall in line with a cadence that will help you reach a specific pace you’ve entered into the App.

New Study On Refined Sugar Shows Its Potential Toxicity To Humans In ”Safe” Doses

Professor Wayne Potts, senior author of a new study that tests the toxicity of sugar in lab mice, has this to say about what his study showed him, “ Sugar consumed at concentrations currently considered safe exerts dramatic adverse impacts on mammalian health. I have reduced refined sugar intake and encouraged my family to do the same.” Read on to find out what else the study showed Potts.

K/Rail and The Lean Berets: Avengers of Health!

I had the chance to spend some quality kettlebell time with Kevin Rail of The Lean Berets this weekend. This guy eats, sleeps, and lives by his belief in truly treating the body like a temple. He’s also not one to be shy with his opinion on common foods found in the grocery aisles that may try to trick you into thinking they’re healthy