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Gnarly BCAA's

A powerful dose of essential amino acids to help support and rebuild muscles.


Pre-workout -Nitric Oxide L-Arginine & Creatine Supplement

Gnarly Hydrate

Electrolytes, plus 72 trace minerals and B vitamins for energy and focus

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What Make Our Products Gnarly?

Gnarly products are built with passion by those who are passionate. We know how hard it can be to find clean supplements. We’ve looked. The products that line even the most popular supplement shops just weren’t gnarly enough for us. So we decided to build our own. When it says Gnarly it is always natural, healthy and delicious.

More About Gnarly Products

Who is Gnarly?

Gnarly is the spirit in each one of us telling us shed our excuses, push our possibilities and crush limits. There is no second place when we compete against ourselves. At Gnarly Nutrition we have taken the challenge to be the healthy, natural and delicious nutrition that will fuel those that are willing to find the gnarly inside themselves.

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Gnarly® Ambassadors:

We proudly support a number of ambassadors that celebrate a healthy life and influence others by shedding excuses, pushing possibilities and crushing limits. Our ambassadors include athletes across a variety of sports, including climbers, skiers, cross-fitters, fitness professionals and trainers, professional athletes and passionate nutritionists.

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Our Athletes consist of individuals, like you who, have been fueled by their inner gnarly.



Mike Szela


Travis Cooper

MLS: U.S. Open Cup-Charleston Battery at Real Salt Lake

Devon Sandoval


Jennilyn Eaton

The Gnarly Family

Gnarly Recipes

Gnarly Nutrition is proud to provide you some of the best recipes that include our Gnarly products. These recipes come from people just like you who have found delicious ways to feed their inner gnarly.

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gnarly nutrition shannon post run

Post-Run Nutrition

By | Gnarly BCAAs, Gnarly Vegan, Gnarly Whey, Running | 2 Comments

“Don’t give up. Especially after you’ve finished.” Athletes often get caught up in the distracting excitement and satisfaction of reaching the finish line and consequently often neglect post-race nutrition. Refueling and rehydrating after a race can significantly decrease muscle soreness and reduce recovery time, leaving you stronger and ready to tackle your next run. To realize these benefits, aim for…

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andy running

Mid-Run Nutrition

By | Gnarly BCAAs, Running | No Comments

“It’s amazing what your body can do when you give what it needs.” Proper nutrition mid-race, if your distance calls for it, is just a critical as pre- and post-run nutrition. As you gradually train to match the distance of your race, you should also train for how to fuel your body during that distance. If your race is under…

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Pre-Run Nutrition

By | Gnarly Hydrate, Running | No Comments

“The key to a strong finish is a strong start.” No matter the distance of your race, being properly fueled and hydrated at the starting line is integral to a successful race. There are some basic hydration and fueling strategies, that if you’re not already doing, will definitely help you in your preparation for race day. To start, aim to…

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Gnarly Hydration Test

By | Gnarly Hydrate | One Comment

You sweat different than others. Find out how much you sweat with this hydration test. Knowing how much you lose will help gauge how much you should consume while running those incredible distances. Step 1 Get in your birthday suit (strip naked) → urinate → weigh yourself before running. Step 2 Run (clothed*) for one hour and try to match…

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The Crossover Between Performance and Aesthetic Training and Eating

By | CrossFit, Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Training, Weight Loss | No Comments

I spent my off season from professional Obstacle Course racing to cross something off of my fitness bucket list— a figure competition. Yes, where you stand on a stage with a spray tan, clear heels and a bikini and flex. Sorry—pose.  Although this was seemingly out of character, the mental and physical challenge was actually right up my ally. I…

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The Benefits of Taking Gnarly Slim

By | CrossFit, Fitness, Gnarly Slim, Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss | No Comments

If I were to chose the #1 supplement that I think is MOST important when starting an active lifestyle, it would without a doubt be protein powder. The benefits from using a high quality protein powder are huge in my book. Protein fuels recovery, builds muscle, suppresses your appetite, as well as helping aid you in building strength. As a…

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Surgery in a Mountain Town

By | Fitness, Health, Nutrition, Training | No Comments

The dreaded ACL tear is the bane of athletes everywhere. Becoming a fixture of the sidelines, surrendering the ability to sit cross-legged for tedious therapy, and learning to regain flexion, extension, and explosive movements can blow your upcoming nine months to pieces. It’ll shatter your confidence. It’ll deprive you of your identity. And it’ll leave you twiddling your thumbs in…

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