10 Terrible Foods For Athletes

Recently, I read great article from Outside magazine that talks about 10 foods that athletes should avoid. Some of them are obvious, like Powerade and Starbucks frappuccinos. But a few of them surprised even this seasoned vet of health and nutrition. Snapple Iced Tea? I was a little shocked. Not that I thought I was doing my body any real serious benefit from drinking the stuff on occasion. But, turns out, the stuff is a bit more innocuous than I thought. They aren’t necessarily singling out Snapple but just bottled iced tea in general –for having none of the antioxidant benefits that drinking a less processed version (i.e.real tea) gives you. The article makes a point to talk about how real, whole food should be your first stop whenever you decide to put something in your body, which we couldn’t agree with more. Our supplements are just that, supplements to a healthy, real diet.

The article also isn’t very kind to some sports nutrition products for various reasons. Mostly for the artificial stuff tossed into their products and the bombastic claims that a few supplements like to throw out there. Hopefully, denizens, you’re all proud of the fact that everything we do is based on science, research, and common sense.  And because it’s always good to end on a positive note, make sure you check out Outside’s article on the 9 best foods for athletes too.

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Joel P

Joel P

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