The What, When, Why & How of Gnarly Nutrition's New Products

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The What, When, Why & How of Gnarly Nutrition's New Products


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Shannon O'Grady, Ph.D

Take a deep dive into Gnarly Nutrition's new products - Gnarly Collagen Pro & Gnarly Baseline Series with Dr. Shannon O’ Grady. Shannon will be discussing the science behind these new products as well as who may benefit from them and how they should be integrated into a daily nutrition plan.

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What is collagen?

  • Collagen is the most abundant structural protein in the body. It builds structure and strength in the musculoskeletal tissues such as tendon, ligaments, cartilage and bone
  • It's estimated that almost 50% of sports injuries are to one of these tissues
  • Collagen production in your body degrades over time, which is why as we age the risk of injury increases
  • Collagen contains a concentration of non-essential amino acids such as glycine and proline, therefore adding collagen to your diet will assist with tissue development

Is Collagen a good protein for building muscle?

What does the research show?

Gelatin/collagen peptides are absorbed by the body and (amino acids) integrated into the skin, ligaments and cartilage.

Gelatin/collagen peptides + Vit C increased collagen synthesis and mechanical properties of engineered ligaments and research into animal models supports this.

Supplementation with collagen peptides decrease joint pain in athletes and patients with osteoarthritis.


Is Collagen or whey protein better?

There also studies showing that whey protein can also stimulate collagen synthesis, but research has not compared collagen directly to whey protein. So it's important to consider adding collagen to your pre-workout diet, along with whey protein for after your workout.

What conclusions can we draw?

Increased collagen synthesis may prevent injury and speed recovery from injury.

Does collagen type matter?

  • Types 1, 2 and 3 account for 80%-90% of collagen in the body
  • Amino acid sequences are very similar
  • To date, research shows amino acids stimulate collagen synthesis
  • Collagen types may differ in peptides (groups of aminos) but significance has not been determined
  • Research showing a benefit of a particular type of collagen compares that type to a placebo
  • 2 studies comparing two types of collagen show no difference between types

what is so good about Gnarly collagen pro?

  • Gnarly's Collagen Pro collagen peptides are sourced from pasture-raised and finished cattle
  • 100% DV of Vitamin C to improve collagen absorption
  • 15 mg. of Zinc for collagen protection and synthesis
  • Unflavored so you can add it to your favorite product
  • Mixes great in hot or cold liquids
  • Collagen Pro should be taken in the 30-60 minutes before exercise so that increased blood flow will help transport amino acids and peptides to working joints

What is Gnarly Baseline series?


Gnarly Baseline is designed to help you fill in your nutritional gaps in your baseline health, thus creating a strong foundation to support optimal performance and recovery.


Vitamin D is not just a vitamin, but a hormone. This hormone travels from tissue to tissue and is integral to immune function, protein synthesis, muscle function, cardio function, inflammatory response, cell growth and musculoskeletal regulation.


1,000 UIs plant based D3 from lechen, which is a vegan and vegetarian capsule and rice bran are the only ingredients


Gnarly MG Citrate - Magnesium is involved in more than 300 metabolic reactions. It's important for nerve and muscle function. Also, it's required for the activation of Vit D in the liver and kidneys.


Gnarly Baseline Iron Plus - 25 mg of Iron bisglycinate, a highly bioavailable form of non-heme iron. 15 mg of Vit C to improve iron absorption.

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