Want to climb hard and send like Olympians and Gnarly athletes Kyra Condie and Nathaniel Coleman?

Well, Kyra and Nathaniel supplement their training routines with Gnarly Nutrition products.

Tie in, chalk up and fuel up with Gnarly Nutrition’s vegan-friendly sports nutrition products, free of GMOs, hormones, or anything artificial.

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The Climbing Stack

Athlete Endorsement

I’ve dedicated myself to traveling the world in search of lines that are both beautiful and physically demanding. I prepare by committing to 6-week training plans. I push myself to the limit during these sessions. Gnarly Nutrition has played a huge role in my training because without clean protein and BCAA’s I wouldn’t be able to go 100% and get the recovery I need to continue the next day. My climbing has improved every year, and so has the intensity of my training.
Gnarly Nutrition allows me not only to keep up with my own improvement, but to help me surpass it with every cycle.

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