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Genevive Walker
Genevive Walker

Genevive Walker



Genevive Walker


Kingston, NY


Denver, CO


Slacklining is my second big hobby. I mainly like trick lining but would love to get into highling eventually.

Causes I Care About

DEI (diversity, inclusivity, and equity) in the outdoors. I want to see more representation and more folks filling positions of power to make change.


Do you collect anything? I horde tank tops. It’s really bad especially since I live in a van but I don’t have enough willpower to stop. What is your most unusual talent? I can stick a dollar worth of quarters up my nose. Been doing it since I was little, and check in every few years to make sure I still got it. :p What is the scariest thing you have ever done? I was topping out a multi pitch climb in New Hampshire. The last 30 feet was an easy slab scramble so my friend and I decided to solo it. This time it was covered in a thick layer of pine needles. As I followed my friend with the rope around my neck I stepped on a patch of needles and started to slide back. I caught myself only a few feet from the edge but froze in fear. My partner got close and put his hand out but I was too nervous I’d pull him off with me, so I started to cry and said “no, just leave me here” thinking I was about to fall to my death. He leaned out closer and told me to trust him. (it felt like the scene from Aladdin where he asks Jasmine if he trusts him before they ride the magic carpet, except way fucking scarier and definitely not as fun) As I cautiously leaned my hand closer to his he grabbed me tighter than anyone has grabbed my hand before and swiftly tugged me away from the edge. It took us what felt like a half an hour to finish the scramble but I’m still here to tell the story and will forever be grateful for my friend. Ever since, when in doubt, I rope the fuck up. Why do you like working with Gnarly? First and foremost, I stand by the products 100%. The wholesome ingredients and great taste makes Gnarly stand out from other products. Getting strong and producing results is key as an athlete but what you put in your body is just as important and Gnarly recognizes that. I also love Gnarly’s mission to make the outdoors more inclusive and equitable to all. I completely stand with the mission and love seeing the work Gnarly is doing. Outside of your respective sport, what are you most proud of? This question was hard to answer because I feel like everything that first comes to mind is somehow related to climbing. So as I dug deeper and thought harder I realized that what I'm most proud of isn't something that's tangible or measurable in any way. I don't have a certificate, metal, or accolade to show any proof. It more has to do with my self growth over the last couple of years. What I'm most proud of is my growth and love for oneself. Instead of trying to be someone I'm not or achieve some unrealistic idea of what I should be, I'm on the hunt for who I really am and I love it. Realizing that you can't make everyone happy and still be happy yourself is a hard lesson to learn. I lived life trying to be accepted by people instead of focusing on myself and I'm over it. I love who I am and who I'm becoming and the old me wouldn't believe the words coming out of my mouth right now. So that's what I'm most proud of, my self-growth. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tacos. Definitely tacos! There’s so many ways to make them with different proteins and fillers, so I’d never get bored! Breakfast tacos, crunchy tacos, soft tacos, ice cream tacos, taco salad, taco shaped gummy candy (which probably wouldn’t count in this scenario), and the list goes on. And I’d definitely put avocado on it every single time, because why not! Who is your hero? Why? My dad is my number one hero. From the earliest memory I have of him, he always put my family first. I resented all of the memories he missed of mine, growing up as a kid, but looking back I realize that he wasn’t proud of the sacrifices he had to make, but knew he had to do it so we could all have a better life. Parents don’t always get the credit they deserve because as children, we think we’re entitled to sooo much more, but in reality we don’t deserve any of it. It was our parents’ choice to give us what we have today. They gave up a part of their life for us and they deserve the acknowledgment. Even through all of the tired days and nights, my dad always had time to smile and crack jokes. He always had time to make sure I was doing my part in school and spend time with me when he wasn’t working, which was all of the damn time. I wish I had half the energy he has, even to this day. Any advice for aspiring athletes? My best advice is to set goals for yourself. Have big long term ones but also set smaller ones in between. The hardest part about training and working hard is not seeing progress, but setting incremental goals will help you stay encouraged and psyched to keep pushing even when you're tired and ready to give up. We also all have off days. We can’t perform at our best every single day. So don’t get discouraged if you have a few “low gravity days”. It just means your body needs rest- so take it! You climb hard so rest even harder! I recommend... Gnarly Vegan Protein: I love the taste of the powder. I usually mix it with water on its own, which is normally not tasty with other protein powders. I’ve also been taking it in the morning and making a Gnarly latte with it, which has been my favorite recipe thus far. (protein, coffee, cashew milk, hemp hearts, peanut butter, banana) I also like to take the protein with me to the crag and sip on it throughout my climbing day. Gnarly BCAAs: This is another one that I take on a regular basis. Anytime I climb outside or inside I bring a bottle of BCAAs with me and sip on that throughout the day or workout session. I notice that my performance lasts a little longer the day of and I’m not as sore the next day as well. I usually try to drink this first and follow it with protein after. The flavor also tastes real good which makes sipping on it way easier. I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy the taste of their performance drinks? It must suck to have to force it down every time.
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