The Gnar Stool Podcast

Welcome to The Gnar Stool Podcast. Our mission is to challenge the health industry by calling out the b.s. and focusing on what really works.

We’re going deep to unearth real stories about real people and how they’ve overcome adversity in life, sports, fitness, and nutrition. Join John Perry, Shannon O' Grady and their guests for a show that's always real, kind of entertaining, and filled with poop stories. Nothing is off limits or out of bounds and we are always on track for a good time. Come learn a thing or two.
Pic Shannon O'Grady
Shannon O'Grady
is a Chief Science Nerd, Research Ranger, She is the CPO and COO at Gnarly Nutrition. She has her PhD in Biology from the Univerity of Utah. When she's not formulating amazing products and testing out formulas for new ones, she's rolling around in her brown belt (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), running, a mother of two, and a wife.
Pic John Perry
John Perry
is a tryer of all things, dreamer and a big dumb animal. John is Head of Marketing at Gnarly Nutrition. Design is his medium, Jordans are his obsession, hip hop is his symphony, he loves boxing, Jiu Jitsu, snowboarding, his wife and his two children. They're usually outside, actively ignoring his phone notifications. Living free, baby!