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About Team Gnarly

Gnarly exists to create the highest quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance. Nutrition that helps push through the failure, amplify grit, and celebrate messy triumphs.

That’s where our passion lies: in progressing each athlete’s best, from the inside out. We are here for the long training runs, summit days, new PRs and every day in between. Our unequivocal commitment is to science-backed nutrition, delivered through transparent, natural, straightforward ingredient standards and rigorous product testing.

Knowledge is powerful, so we back our commitment to product with a pledge to educate others about the benefits of functional nutrition. We find the most joy outside, and devote ourselves to sharing it: by increasing diversity in outdoor pursuits, strengthening environmental protections by amplifying the voices of environmental activists, and pushing our own behind-the-scenes sustainability goals.

At Gnarly, we grow by pushing what’s possible.

Only Quality Natural Ingredients

No Fake Stuff

No Fake Stuff

You will not find GMOs, artificial colors and flavors, or any soy and gluten in our products, plus most of our lineup is vegan friendly! Why do we minimize allergies and prioritize vegan-friendly options? Because we want the Gnarly product line to be accessible to as many people as possible!

Label Transparency

Label Transparency

We don’t hide cheap, ineffective ingredients behind proprietary blends or fancy marketing tactics. What’s on the label is what is in the product. Our products are formulated to include effective doses of science-backed ingredients that will help you train, perform and recover.

NSF Certified

NSF Certified

NSF Certification is recognized by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) as the gold standard in third-party testing. NSF Certified Gnarly products are tested for true label claims, microbe content, heavy metals and pesticides. NSF for Sport Certified Gnarly products are additionally tested for over 300 substances on the WADA banned substances list.


As a company, we push what’s possible - and this includes our sustainability efforts. The supplement and nutrition industry has long been a major culprit when it comes to excessive use of plastic, and Gnarly Nutrition has taken aggressive steps to reduce our plastic use by switching all tubbed products to steel cans, which are recycled at an above 70% rate (compared to plastic’s less than 8%) and have an infinite life cycle.

This is only the beginning for more sustainable packaging from Gnarly. Alongside our partners in the Plastic Impact Alliance and Sustainable Packaging Movement, we’re outlining our plans to remove plastic completely from our line by 2025.

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Take it up a notch

Proper nutrition is just one peice of the puzzle when it comes to performing and feeling your best. Gnarly is committed to not just providing the best sports nutrition products to help you achieve your goals, we also consider ourselves your support team when it comes to all questions on training, proper supplement use, and science-based research that can help propel you to the next level.

Our educational arm is led by in-house scientist (CEO, and jiu jitsu badass) Shannon O’Grady, Ph. D, and consists of licensed nutritionists, scientists, and professional athletes. We provide everything from clinics, live webinars, and training seminars on the Gnarly website, and you can even send in questions to Shannon herself! Looking for more? Become a Gnarscriber and get access to subscriber-only training plans, video content, and even discounts on partner gear and race entries.

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Diversity and Equity

We find the most joy outside, and devote ourselves to sharing it. The outdoor industry as a whole has failed catastrophically to be inclusive of all people. Gnarly is dedicated to supporting increased diversity in outdoor pursuits and outdoor spaces.

Internally, diversity is at the forefront of our decisions on fund allocation, from our athlete team to the dedication of our sponsorship and marketing dollars. We believe the best way to promote diversity externally is to follow the lead of, and provide support to, those paving the path forward.

Some of our partners include Brown Girls Climb, Space Below Your Feet, Trail Sisters, For the Love of Climbing, No Man’s Land Film Festival, American Climbing Podcast, and Grit.

Find Your Gnarly

Find Your Gnarly.

When you want more, you can commit to doing more. It’s the experience of becoming more purposeful and living out your passions. That’s what we want for you. Follow Gnarly to stay connected.

Find your Gnarly, and start the journey to push your possible!