Nina Williams

Nina Williams
Rock Climbing



Nina began climbing in New Hampshire in 2002 and later joined a team in Rhode Island. She balanced school, training, and competing with weekend trips to Rumney before moving to Colorado in 2010. During the past two years she has focused on training and pushing her limits, making podium at several competitions including the 2012 and 2013 Portland Boulder Rally, the 2012 Aesthetic Invitational, and the 2013 Dogpatch Finals. She placed 8th at the 2013 ABS Nationals and went on to finish 18th at the 2013 Vail World Cup. She loves getting outdoors as much as possible, spending extended amounts of time in areas such as Hueco Tanks, TX; Joe’s Valley, UT; Rocklands, South Africa; and Grampians, Australia. She recently topped out her first V12, and has multiple V11’s and 10’s under her belt. She currently lives with her boyfriend in Boulder, CO working at Starbucks and planning for the next big adventure.


Hometown: Pawtucket, RI

Top career highlights: Placing 3rd in a stacked field during the 2013 Portland Boulder Rally and sending six V10’s and two V11’s during a two-week trip to Hueco Tanks, TX.

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? South Africa; it was my first international destination and I felt an immediate, almost eerie connection with the land. The culture and climbing are also amazing.

What’s your favorite party trick? I can’t burp… but I almost beat Kati Peters in a wrestling match one time.

Whats your favorite song to sing in the car? Sweater Weather by The Neighborhood

What’s your life long dream? To do what makes me happy, and to make those around me happy.







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