Fuel for Life
By pulling back the curtain on four athletes’ athletic pursuits,
Gnarly Nutrition’s original video series, "Fuel for Life," illuminates
the underlying values and human stories behind our favorite sports.

Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2O

The all-in-one fueling solution

Gnarly Nutrition’s Fuel2O is the all-in-one, vegan-friendly solution for long days on the trails, in the mountains, at the gym or the crag.


Fuel for life: blake hansen

Some people spend their entire life discovering who they really are. Blake Hansen knew early on. The hardest part? Acceptance. 

Blake Hansen is a gravity-fed, speed-loving mountain biker. Out of Utah, she is a seasoned desert rider and enduro racer. She’s known for being pretty fast around the western US and has made many appearances in catalogs and brand videos. With a recent invite to dig at Red Bull Formation and develop her freeride game, she is an up-and-coming rider proving to be someone to watch for.

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Fuel for life: Trevor Fuchs

Becoming a professional athlete was Trevor Fuch’s childhood dream. But with success comes new expectations, and a new reality to navigate.

In his 20s, Trevor Fuchs was out of shape and smoked cigarettes daily. Now 38, Trevor is an accomplished plant-based ultrarunner, having won the Wasatch 100 twice, winning Hawaii’s Hurt 100 in 2020 and setting a new FKT on Moab’s White Rim in November 2020.

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Fuel for life: sam elias

Fuel comes in many forms: food and liquid energy are just two. For Sam Elias, fuel also comes in the shape of art, emotion and intention. 

Born and raised by a Syrian immigrant father and a polish mother in Detroit, Sam Elias climbs everything from high alpine summits and Yosemite big walls to technical sport and ice climbs. And Sam’s accomplishment’s range further than rock or ice. He has designed some of his own tattoos, the Beyond the Wall line of clothing for The North Face, and the Find Your Pack T-shirt for Gnarly Nutrition.

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Fuel for life: Alvin Garcia

We do not choose where we come from, or what opportunities we’re born into. We only can choose how to work with the cards we’re dealt. Alvin Garcia surrounds himself with a tight community, and chooses to look at the glass half full. With his perspective comes new opportunities. And a new life.

Born in Guatemala City, DACA recipient Alvin Garcia migrated with his family to the United States in the late ‘90s. Now residing in Salt Lake City, Alvin is a routesetter at The Front Climbing Club and spends his free time climbing, running and cycling … usually with a few friends by his side.

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Gnarly Nutrition Fuel2O

Gnarly Nutrition’s Fuel2O is the all-in-one, vegan-friendly solution for long days on the trails, in the mountains, at the gym or the crag.

  • Created with fueling, replenishment and recovery in mind.
  • Easy-to-digest calories that don’t cause stomach upset. 
  •  Replaces the electrolytes lost when sweating, with chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium. 
  • Helps you recover by delivering HMB, which helps to minimize muscle protein breakdown resulting in a faster turnaround between hard training sessions and races.

The all-in-one fueling solution