Nutrition Fundamentals Handbook

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For too long, conversations around nutrition have been focused on mentally harmful talking points: weight loss, reducing calories, what not to eat, what to remove from our diets completely … the list goes on and on. Instead of perpetuating the negative, we want to shift the conversation from weight loss to strength gain. To focus on what we should add to our diets instead of what we should remove. And to stop viewing food as an enemy while realizing that it’s one of our most important allies.

But nutrition’s power can only be harnessed when there is proper knowledge of the basics.

This ebook is broken down into three main sections: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. Each section dissects the nutritional building blocks with specific numbers and information, mindful eating strategies, and recipe ideas. Assembled by Gnarly’s own Chief Product Officer, Shannon O’ Grady, PhD, as well as Certified Nutrition Therapist and personal trainer, Erin Butler, this ebook is the launching point for your new positive relationship with food.

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