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The Gnarly Mountain Stack

Whether you’re using skis, a bike or your own two feet, long days in the mountains require proper hydration and nutrition so you can grind it out to the summit and be ready for the next peak on the horizon. The Gnarly Mountain Stack delivers with hydration to keep you moving and BCAAs and protein to fuel your effort and maximize recovery.

Stack for the Active Lifestyle

Outdoors Stack

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“Gnarly products allow me to chase whatever line or project is calling.”

The thing I love most about the mountains is the constant engagement they require, whether that’s exploring a new range in the winter, or scrambling a ridge in the summer. Full attention and adaptation is demanded from both the mind and body. Keeping the body strong and healthy and capable is key, especially as I get older. Consistent training, eating well and help from Gnarly products allow me to chase whatever line or project is calling.

Noah Howell

Outdoor Athlete
Noah Howell

Heather Larsen

Since starting using Gnarly, I have noticed a faster recovery time, more energy to push through activity and an overall healthier balance in my everyday life.

Nick Berry

I love Gnarly BCCAs for days I want to push extra hard, but then also have a big day planned tomorrow and need to have as much strength as possible.

Kelly Halpin

With Gnarly Whey I feel fueled and recovered after a big day of working out or in the mountains.