Lael Wilcox


Anchorage, Alaska


Tucson, Arizona


Bikepacking, Ultra-Endurance Cycling


Running, walking, reading & writing

Causes I care about

I just want to encourage more people to get outside. The bike is a great tool for transportation, exercise, travel, fun and thinking. I feel like I don’t regret any time I spend riding and that’s part of why I’m so motivated to encourage others to get out there.

What is your most unusual talent? 

While riding, I rarely get extremely tired. Even after a couple hours of sleep, I feel pretty fresh and excited to continue.

While traveling, my greatest skill is communicating with people. Even if I don’t speak their language, I seem to pick it up, at least a little. Language is something I love learning about.


What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

In 2015, I rode solo from my home in Anchorage, Alaska to Banff, Canada to the start of the Tour Divide, a 2,750 mile self-supported mountain bike race through The Rockies from Canada to Mexico. Without knowing it, 300 miles of my ride followed the “Highway of Tears”, a stretch through Canada that is notorious for women going missing, being kidnapped and found murdered. Even riding into this stretch, I got an extremely eerie feeling. Locals started telling me stories about the road and what had happened to women. A single phrase that stands out in my memory is a guy saying “she was found gutted in a field”. I started getting paranoid. When men asked me where I was going, I felt like I shouldn’t tell them the truth. I’m generally an honest and open person, but the pressure of the road and seeing billboards of missing women got to me.


Follow Lael’s Adventures here: https://laelwilcox.com/

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