Motivated By Music
Motivated By Music

Motivated By Music

I just updated my iPod with a new playlist and some new jams to listen to while I go do my thing. For me, that thing is usually some beautiful long runs on the trails just east of Salt Lake City (Where Gnarly HQ rests, deep within it’s underground layer), hopping on the road bike and heading up gorgeous canyon backroad, or heading into my favorite local box for a solid crossfit thrashing.

I don’t know about you folks, but I really want to get out there and make the most of this weekend. And sometimes some new tunes go a long way to making a run or ride memorable. I love music maybe as much as I love being active and getting outside for a little me time on the trails. As I’ve gotten older, I don’t have the time I used to to sit on my bed and listen to whatever was my new favorite band at the time. I don’t always run with music –many times I feel better without it, but I do love the time it gives me to listen to new stuff and decompress. So, dear Gnarly adventurers, in honor of Friday and the beautiful summer weekend we have before us, I thought I’d share a few of my recent and all time favorite songs to get out and do my thing. Obviously this could never be considered a comprehensive list, but I’ve done my best. For variety’s sake, I’ve tried to keep each artist represented only once (although it should be said I could be very happy during a long run listening to just LCD Soundsystem and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Oh, and these are absolutely in no particular order.

I’ve made this playlist available on Spotify, just follow this link, and log into your Spotify account to view the playlist. Here we go!

1. “Goin Against Your Mind.” Built To Spill

2. “Thuggin’.” Madlib (Featuring Freddie Gibbs)

3. “Date With The Night.” Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4. “Get Innocuous!“ LCD Soundsystem

5. “How You Like Me Baby.” Ghostface Killah

6. “Time To Dance.” The Shoes

(If you dig the song, check out the official video with Jake Gyllenhaal -it’s intense, you’ve been warned.)

7. “NY Excuse.” Soulwax

8. “Tick Tick Boom.” The Hives

9. “Too Many Rappers (New Reactionaries Version Featuring Nas).” Beastie Boys

10. “Reptilla.” The Strokes

11. “I’m The Ocean.” Neil Young

12. “Promentory (From The Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack).” Trevor Jones

(This is my trail running anthem! Watch the movie and tell me you’re not inspired to run through a forest in leather with a really serious look on your face. Bless you, Daniel Day Lewis.)

13. “Triumph.” Wu-Tang Clan (Featuring Cappa-Donna)

14. “U Don’t Know.” Jay-Z

15. “Gimme Shelter.” The Rolling Stones

That’s it! I hope you enjoy these and get some good workouts in this weekend! And don’t forget to recover with some Gnarly Whey!

Oh, I almost forgot! I want to hear about your favorite songs to do your thing to. Email me at with some of your best stuff. If I get enough sweet jams, I’ll do another post with some of the favorites. Enjoy the weekend!

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