Some Awesome Ideas for Breakfast
Some Awesome Ideas for Breakfast

Some Awesome Ideas for Breakfast

Your blood sugar is naturally lower in the mornings. And just because you’re sleeping doesn’t mean your body isn’t burning calories keeping everything going. If you’re like me, you wake up and you work out. I’ve been doing it so long that usually I don’t have a problem with my stomach growling, needing some food and then some digestion time before I hit the pavement or head to the gym. But that’s not always the case. If It’s just a tiny grumble in the stomach, I can usually get by with the 100 or so calories an energy gel puts in the tank. But sometimes you wake up and you know there’s a few things that need to be done before you can get your precious training time in.

Well, has put together a mostly great list of 7 breakfast meals that can give you enough energy to get a solid workout in and won’t leave you feeling like you just pulled a Homer and raided the local donut shop for your fix:

Plus, all these meals will keep you from feeling like you’re starving at 10AM and looking for something like this:

The list comes from Felicia Stoler, who’s Active’s resident nutritionist and usually has some great ideas as to what to put in your body to keep it running smoothly. I do have a bone to pick with breakfast idea #6, which calls for Carnation instant breakfast. Really Felicia? Not very Gnarly.That stuff is full of junk and preservatives. What would I replace that vat of chemicals with? Well, glad you asked. Naturally (literally) I’d go with some Gnarly Whey -especially if it’s pre workout because, if you’re planning on a long run, bike or swim, even though our Gnarly Feast packs a few more calories and gives you a day’s value of vitamins and minerals, the whole food fiber we also have in Feast might not settle great with all the activity and stress you’re putting the body through.


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