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What It Takes to Train and Run Professionally
What It Takes to Train and Run Professionally

What It Takes to Train and Run Professionally

When I tell people that I am a professional runner the first question I always get is, “Oh, so you run marathons?” They start scratching their heads a bit when I tell them I run the 5K on the track (like what’s the big deal, anyone can run 3.1 miles). It’s only when I explain the ins and outs of training to run a 5K as fast as you can among top-level competition that the concept begins to click. (That’s me on the far right on the starting line among three Olympic/World Championships medalists! Photo cred: Portlandtrack.com)

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Running is HARD. Period. Whether you race the 100 meter dash, are training to finish a marathon or take off for a jog around the block, the decision to go run is ALWAYS met with a challenge. There are many things I love about running, including the ability to see amazing scenery on two feet, but I am certain that is the challenge that keeps me coming back for more. I ran my first race at age 9 (a 5K, so yeah you could say it was love at first race) and I found myself instantly flooded with ambitions to try again, but next time to run faster! To say that 20 years later I still have these feelings and I still get to chase my fastest self is a dream come true. I now train full-time in the beautiful altitude mecca of Mammoth Lakes, CA (8,000 feet) (I’m coached by Andrew Kastor) among some of the world’s best distance runners AND mountain views.


Taking good care of my body through smart training and quality nutrition plays a huge role in my ability to train and compete at my best. Having Gnarly Nutrition by my side during workouts and throughout the day allows me to fuel and hydrate properly for my running and weight lifting sessions. I’m excited to continue to share a glimpse into my life as an athlete and tips to use Gnarly Nutrition products to benefit your running!
Here is my favorite post-workout recovery that I aim to drink within 15 minutes of finishing a hard session to speed up the recovery process: 1 scoop Gnarly Whey Chiseled Chocolate Protein mixed with 8 ounces tart cherry juice. The protein helps repair muscle tissue broken down during a workout, the carbs from the juice replenish the glycogen in my muscles and tart cherries contain natural compounds to help reduce inflammation. It tastes like chocolate covered cherries, yum!


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