Fueling with Water

Being in and around water can be refreshing and invigorating, both mentally and emotionally. Soaking in a warm bath on a cold winter night, swimming laps in the pool or watching the sunset on a tropical beach, water can have a profound impact on how we fuel our bodies and minds.

The Importance of Daily Hydration

Water is life Water is vital for all living things in order to survive and thrive. Humans can only go one week without water but can go an entire month without food. It is the most abundant and important substance for both the earth and the human body. Humans are about 60% water and use […]

Daily Routines – How USAC Athletes use Gnarly Products

What does a saucepan, five pairs of shoes, a good luck note and a kendama all have in common? They’re all items you can find in the gym bags of climbers on Team USA, of course. The shoe variety makes a ton of sense. Different climbing disciplines or routes call for different shoes. We could […]

Everyday Supplemental Nutrition

Battling malnourishment Living in a first-world country, malnourishment isn’t a national crisis. We live in a place of abundant food choices that come from all areas of the world. However, with all the healthy choices and variety we have available to us, we still fall short on essential nutrients.   A strategy to combat malnourishment […]

Hydrate or Die-drate

Legend has it, the first known marathoner Pheidippides ran 25 miles from the Marathon battlefield to Athens. After completing the most amazing athletic feat of his time, he yelled “Victory!”, delivering news to the Athenians that they had claimed victory over the Persians. He then collapsed and died of exhaustion.   If only he had […]

Recovery Nutrition and Breaking through Your Performance Plateau

Recovery is arguably the most overlooked aspect of any training program, and yet it is often the key to building functional strength, preventing injuries and breaking through performance plateaus. The quality of an athlete’s recovery or speed at which muscles recover from intense training can have a direct impact on an athlete’s ability to perform […]

Basic Run Nutrition

Female Trail Runner

There is a lot of speculation regarding proper race day hydration and fueling, and in truth, the optimal strategy for you is likely to be quite different than the runner next to you. Given that, there are some basic hydration and fueling strategies for before, during and after your run, that if you’re not already […]

24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell 2018

Deep in the backwoods of Northern Arkansas lies a canyon brimming with small yet immaculate sandstone cliffs. Climbers have developed Horseshoe Canyon Ranch over the course of the last few decades, but it has really been put on the radar of the larger climbing community by the “24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell” event, which began […]

Gnarly Hydrate – reformulated for you!

Taking in the right amount of water will get you halfway to properly hydrating, but if that is all you do, then your performance will suffer and you could seriously injure yourself. The other half of the equation involves replenishing the electrolytes lost in sweat.  The electrolyte content of sweat is dependent on many factors […]

EL Monstruo

“I’m going to climb the monster. Who wants to climb with me?” Toby declared as the rain pelted the roof above us. It had been raining for two days now and the sun would finally come out the following day for a solid weather window. My original plans suddenly obsolete. This would be the last […]

Pre-Run Nutrition

“The key to a strong finish is a strong start.” No matter the distance of your race, being properly fueled and hydrated at the starting line is integral to a successful race. There are some basic hydration and fueling strategies, that if you’re not already doing, will definitely help you in your preparation for race […]

Gnarly Hydration Test

The sweat test Step 1 Get in your birthday suit (strip naked) → urinate → weigh yourself before running. Step 2 Run (clothed*) for one hour and try to match the pace and conditions** of race day. step 3 Take note of how many ounces of fluid you drink in that hour. Photo: Tim Behuniak […]

How to Stay Hydrated as an Active Mom

As a mom my life can be pretty hectic at times. I’m usually juggling lots of things, feeding my family, keeping the house from looking like we got robbed or a natural disaster hit (3 toddlers), refereeing play time, battling the laundry, potty times, diaper changes, soothing “owies”, story time, snuggles, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, […]

How Reliable Is Thirst for Staying Hydrated?

Thirst is a basic instinct, so understanding it and hydration should be pretty simple, right? Fluids hydrate you, and when you lose too many fluids, your body tells you it’s thirsty to encourage you to take in more. And for years, this was the illustrative concept for hydration during sports: thirst only kicks in when […]

Muscle Cramping: An Athlete’s Nemesis

Muscle cramping is my nemesis. Simultaneous hamstring cramping once made be abandon the trail and roll in the shrubbery trying to figure out if straitening or bending my legs would be better as the second place girl sped past me to the finish. A calf cramp once left me one-leg pedaling the last three miles […]

Stay Hydrated by Knowing When and What to Drink

We hear a lot about pre- and post-workout fueling but it seems like sometimes there is one very important factor that gets missed…hydration. And that’s a shame because proper hydration is essential. Not being adequately hydrated can limit your stamina and endurance during your workouts…and we don’t want that. Not only is the fluid aspect […]